Set To Surge – 5 Industries Set To Skyrocket In The Wake Of The Pandemic

The pandemic has resulted in a number of industries crashing, with the global tourism industry one of the most drastically affected. However, a change in the world always leaves a gap in the market for new products and services. The nature of supply and demand dictates that there are new opportunities for those that can identify them.

The opportunity for making money might change based on the needs of the people, but the potential is always there. Which services are we likely to see enjoying a bit of a boost? Here are five industries set to skyrocket in the wake of the pandemic:

Interior design

As the need for less physical contact and shared spaces is on the rise, 2021 is likely to see a remodeling of working spaces in shared offices. We’re likely to see commercial real estate agents sourcing properties for companies that offer more space and feature newer designs for areas like bathrooms and kitchens to minimize physical contact, encourage ventilation, and simplify the sanitization of surfaces. Still, many people will stick to their home-based working model, so we’re likely to see an increase in business for interior designers capable of creating home offices conducive to productivity.

Cloud-based services

Working from home is taking over. Even businesses that previously stated that they would never want employees working from home have had to embrace this structure as part of their business survival strategy.

While we are likely to settle into a reimagined office-based new normal, there is still a need for greater flexibility and work from home options. As such, we’re likely to see virtual offices and video conferencing services soar. These providers enable people from across the globe (or across town) to work together and collaborate effectively.


A great many skilled, experienced, and capable people are jobless now. The global pandemic has caused a mass of redundancies around the world. These talented individuals are likely to start trading as independent contractors, discovering the potential for making more money working for themselves.

We’re likely to see a surge in small enterprises and sole traders, which will lead to a surge in web-building platforms, shared office spaces, and small business IT support services.

Financial service providers

Accountants and bookkeepers are likely to experience a surge in business. With the restructuring that larger enterprises are undergoing and the emergence of new, smaller enterprises, managing finances requires a new approach.

Financial turmoil has been a point of great pain for many businesses. Those that have managed to survive the pandemic have done so under the guidance of experienced professionals. Carving out a new way of doing business during this unprecedented time will require continued input from highly experienced financial experts.

Office and workplace designers

If you’ve had a remodel at the office, decorators that understand the need for some distance between employees, ventilation, and innovatively designed shared areas will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity. There’s likely to be a demand for decorators that can use aesthetics to deliver social distancing measures between employees. Decorators will have to understand the rhythms and routines in the workplace to design a space that encourages personal space between people without impacting comfort or productivity.

Finding innovative ways to bring value to consumers is the most constructive way to regroup if you’ve been affected by the pandemic. That might mean a pivot in your business or it might mean starting over. As disheartening as this might seem, remember, you’re never truly starting over – this time you’re equipped with knowledge and experience you didn’t have before.