Sergio Aguero ‘is warned he may have to RETIRE’ with his arrhythmia heart problems

Sergio Aguero ‘is warned he may have to RETIRE’ with his arrhythmia heart problems ‘more complicated, which may stop him from playing’ at 33, just five months after joining Barcelona

Sergio Aguero is reportedly considering retiring from football following a diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia, which is believed to be more complicated than first thought.

According to Catalunya Radio, the 33-year-old Barcelona forward’s tests results have not been promising after he left the pitch 40 minutes into his debut with chest pains last month.

Aguero had initially been told to rest for three months but it now appears the issue could be far more significant.

Sergio Aguero’s future as a footballer is in question after his diagnosis of arrhythmia

Catalunya Radio says the option of retiring has been put to Aguero. Their report says that his condition is complex and could be ‘incompatible’ with professional sport.

Aguero joined Barcelona on a free transfer last summer from Manchester City and was making his first start for his new club, in a LaLiga match against Alaves, when he started feeling chest pains.

The Argentinian walked off the pitch before spending the next two days in hospital.  

Barcelona then announced that Aguero would rest for three months while ‘the effectiveness of treatment is evaluated’. 

The incident prompted an outpouring of support at City, Aguero’s former club.

‘It’s difficult news for him and his family,’ City manager Pep Guardiola said. ‘We wish him well from all our people. Our chairman, we wish him a safe recovery. Health and life more important than anything else. 

‘He is in good hands, he takes care of himself, we wish him a safe recovery and come back if he can – otherwise enjoy his life and what he has done. Be careful and be safe for the rest of his life.’