See Parramatta Eels NRL star Jake Arthur’s heartbreaking response to fan who asked for an autograph

Parramatta supporters have abused stand-in halfback Jake Arthur outside his own sheds – prompting a heartbreaking response from the star when a fan asked for his autograph.

Arthur, the son of Eels coach Brad, was thrust into the hot seat vacated by concussed superstar halfback Mitch Moses against the Canberra Raiders last Saturday.

Unfortunately, the young NRL half was unable to steer his side to victory, with one fan sharing how irate Parramatta fans were as they waited for Arthur outside the team dressing room.

‘After the game last night we went down to see the players. As they came out they were happy to give their time to sign stuff and take pics,’ the fan posted in an Eels supporter group on Facebook.

‘There was a group of dead set F wits there when they saw Jakob come out they started bagging him pretty hard.

‘I couldn’t help but to tell them to pull their heads in, the gutless wonders mumbled something under their breaths and squirmed off.’

Arthur was subjected to abuse after the loss to Canberra (pictured) to fill in for Mitch Moses, who has been stood down for 11 days under the new NRL concussion protocol

Arthur shares a hug with his father, Parramatta coach Brad, after his NRL debut in 2021

Arthur shares a hug with his father, Parramatta coach Brad, after his NRL debut in 2021

A Parramatta fan detailed the shocking treatment Arthur copped from supporters after the loss to the Raiders in a social media post (pictured)

What happened next illustrated the shattering effect abuse from fans has had on the young Parramatta playmaker.

‘A friend of mine then asked him [Arthur] for an autograph which he responded ‘are you sure?’.

‘That had to be one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen, a young bloke trying his best and for a team he loves and being hammered by his own supporters.’

It comes after Jakob revealed he has copped abuse from Eels fans almost everywhere he has played over their claims nepotism is the only reason he is in the team.

He was hammered in Brisbane on his debut during Magic Round in 2021 in a game the Eels won 34-18 over the Warriors, and again after a heavy loss to the Cowboys in Darwin last year.

Arthur admitted he had to shut down his social media accounts because of the attacks. 

‘I don’t read any of it, and I’ve been off social media since the start of the year,’ he said late last year.

‘I still have the contact with my mates, I just don’t read any of the footy stuff.

‘The whole time I was warming up on the sideline the other night [against the Broncos] I was getting sprayed.

‘There was nothing I could do about it. And it didn’t really bother me. I tried to take it as a challenge and enjoy that extra pressure instead of shying away from it. I was taught at a young age to not respond.

‘From a social media [perspective] I cop it for me and Dad because he doesn’t have any [accounts].’

Arthur has been heavily criticised ever since he made his debut against the New Zealand Warriors in 2021

Arthur has been heavily criticised ever since he made his debut against the New Zealand Warriors in 2021 

Supporters stand up for Jake

More support for Arthur from fans

Parramatta fans have stood up in droves to defend Jakob following the abuse after last Saturday’s defeat in Canberra

Parramatta supporters are now standing up to defend the under-siege half and calling for other fans to leave him alone.

‘Who do they think they are? And what makes them so good that they are entitled to bag Jake? By all accounts he seems to be a respectful, polite, genuine young man who is out there doing his best,’ one fan posted.

‘He never stops trying his best. Sadly a lot of so-called supporters never stop bagging players , they say bring our young player through the system ,then bag them if they get any game time,’ added another.

Arthur senior was happy to let the media know he was angry after the game – but not about the treatment his son received.

‘It’s very hard to come down here to Canberra especially when you get a 10-3 penalty count against you,’ he said.

‘We contributed to a few things, not getting enough kicks in and good ball, especially in the second half.

‘I don’t know what more I can say to the boys, I thought they were stiff.’