Second mink farm in Fraser Valley records COVID-19 cases

Three mink on a second Fraser Valley mink farm have tested positive for COVID-19. 

The B.C. farm is currently under a quarantine order, according to the B.C. government. This means no animals or material can be moved from the farm under the order. 

No workers at the farm have tested positive for COVID-19., but 23 animals died on the farm between Dec. 19 and 23. The farm has about 1,000 mink.

Earlier this month, mink tested positive for COVID-19 at another mink farm in the Fraser Valley, the first in the province. Fraser Health said eight people had tested positive as well. About 200 mink died at that farm.

Mink, which are farmed for their fur, are vulnerable to respiratory illnesses like COVID-19

All mink farms in B.C. are undergoing enhanced surveillance and testing for COVID-19.