Scheer calls for Trudeau to recall Parliament on Nov. 25

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is calling on Justin Trudeau to recall Parliament on Nov. 25, just five days after the prime minister is expected to unveil a new cabinet following last month’s election.

The Opposition leader made the demand one day before a planned meeting between the two political opponents.

Scheer’s spokesperson Simon Jefferies said Parliament should reconvene to address growing divisions in the country and an economic downturn in the energy sector.

“Trudeau can’t keep running scared from testing the confidence of the House,” said Jefferies. “We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work on behalf of Canadians.”

Jefferies said Scheer would lobby during Tuesday’s meeting for specific priorities to be included in Trudeau’s throne speech, saying they’ll be based on the party’s priorities for the new Parliament.

They include “keeping Canada united and strong,” “helping Canadians get ahead,” “restoring ethics and accountability in government,” and “getting the energy sector back to work.”

Trudeau also plans to meet with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe on Tuesday. Moe has emerged as a vocal critic of Trudeau’s, warning of growing western alienation and calling for a “new deal” for Western Canada.

Moe has said he wants Trudeau to pause the carbon tax for one year, commit to reforming Canada’s equalization formula and pursue new pipeline projects.

The Liberals won 157 seats in last month’s vote, enough to form a minority government, with the Conservatives in second place with 121 MPs.

Trudeau has said he will unveil a new cabinet on Nov. 20 but has not announced when he plans to recall Parliament.

When Parliament reconvenes, the government will present a speech from the throne and seek to win the confidence of the House of Commons.