Saints quarterback Derek Carr gifts his wide receivers custom diamond-encrusted chains and Rolexes from New Jersey renowned jeweler for Christmas

  • The Saints are 7-8 with two games against Tampa Bay and Atlanta left to play 
  • Carr joins a growing list of quarterbacks who splurged on gifts this Christmas 
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New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr did not hold back on spending for his wide receivers’ Christmas presents. 

On Sunday, TMZ reported that Carr is splurging on getting his catchers customized chains and Rolex watches from renowned Al the Jeweler of Labelle Jewelry in Totowa, New Jersey. 

Chris Olave and Rashid Shaheed reportedly both received iced-out watches while others received chains. 

It is said that Michael Thomas is also receiving a present. However, Carr’s camp reportedly did not disclose what he’s being gifted. 

Carr and Al have a long-standing business relationship. Before Carr left the Las Vegas Raiders last year, he ordered pendants from Al for Maxx Crosby and Davante Adams, customized with their numbers. 

Saints quarterback Derek Carr reportedly bought custom Rolexes and chains for his receivers

Carr and the Saints are 7-8 this season with games against Tampa Bay and Atlanta left to play

Carr and the Saints are 7-8 this season with games against Tampa Bay and Atlanta left to play

Teammates were not the only ones to receive the expensive accessories. Carr’s family also was taken care of, each receiving a piece of an iced out puzzle that come together to build a large piece. 

Carr joins a growing list of NFL stars who thanked teammates for their efforts on the field through expensive gifts. 

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes both gifted their offensive linemen with customized golf carts. 

On the other hand, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson bought his offensive linemen Louis Vuitton bags for Christmas.

The Saints are currently 7-8 this season, ranked second in the NFC South. Carr and teammates get to enjoy the holidays from home as they were excluded from a haul of teams with games on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

New Orleans will close out their season with a game against the Buccaneers on the 31st and the Falcons on January 7.