Reasons to protect your Tesla car paint in Sydney

Car paint protection is an idea that has several different opinions in the industry. Many people believe that effective waxing is more than enough to protect their car paint. Others believe that a more permanent solution is critical, such as a protective coat layered over the car paint. Tesla car owners in Sydney are divided on the two opinions as well.

Either way, Tesla paint protection is an idea worth exploring because it offers numerous benefits. For one, the transparent thermoplastic paint protection film can help protect the paint and bodywork of the car.

Below are several other reasons to invest in a Tesla paint protection in Sydney.

The car looks new for longer periods

While not many Australians currently own electric cars, a report suggests that electric car sales were the highest in 2020. This indicates a growing interest in the Australian people to invest in more eco-friendly vehicles.

So, when you decide to get yourself a new Tesla model, consider getting paint protection as well. Unlike a temporary sheen from waxing, a paint protection film can give your car a high-gloss shine and lustre that can last for years to come.

Effective sun protection

Dust and debris aren’t the only things that can fade the paint on your car. Intense UV rays can have a similar, if not more profound, effect. Leaving your car out without any shade or driving on open roads right underneath the strong Australian sun can cause your car paint to discolour and age faster.

A high-quality paint protection film can repel UV rays, stopping them from reaching the paint underneath. In short, it’s much like sunscreen for your Tesla car, ensuring the colour stays bright and vibrant longer.

Reduces the risk of superficial damage

When you invest in Tesla paint protection in Sydney, you ensure that your car is shielded from a range of unwanted particles besides protecting its colour. The glossy film prevents dust, dirt, and other contaminants from building up on your car. This makes it easier for you to clean your car.

Also, if you ever drive around sharp turns or other challenging Sydney trails such as the Grand Pacific Drive or Kangaroo Valley, your car may end up with scratches. A layer of paint protection may not entirely prevent the scratches, but it can definitely reduce its impact on the vehicle.

High resale value

Tesla models S and X hold the lion’s share in the electric car sale market in Australia. Newer Tesla models and other car brands are expected to hit Sydney and other parts of the country in the coming years.

But did you know that Australia witnesses an average of three million cars resold every year? The average lifespan estimate for an Australian car is approximately ten years. So, many people prefer reselling their cars rather than getting rid of them once this period is passed.

Naturally, the condition of a car plays a massive role in its resale value. By investing in a high-quality paint protection film, you can keep your Tesla car in top condition for years together. This will increase its resale value considerably. And since Teslas are not cheap cars, keeping their paint intact and other maintenance in check should be among the top priorities of Tesla owners in Sydney.