Range of drinks sold at Dan Murphy’s and BWS bottle shops recalled due to dangerous fault 

Urgent recall for popular pre-mixed drinks sold at BWS and Dan Murphy’s amid fears the bottle tops will hit drinkers in the FACE

  • A range of gin and vodka mixed drinks have been recalled across Australia 
  • The 355ml bottles have a packaging flaw which causes the lids to pop off  
  • Food Standards Australia said the fault could cause injury when opened 
  • The bottles were sold across the country at BWS, Dan Murphy’s and online  

A popular range of pre-mixed alcoholic drinks have been urgently recalled across Australia because of dangerous faulty packaging. 

Ampersand Projects is pulling its Pink Gin and Soda, Vodka and Soda, and Vodka Soda Black because of a packaging flaw in the 355ml bottles. 

Food Standards Australia warned the lids could pop off the bottles with enough force that an injury could be caused while opening.  

Food Standards said customers who bought the drinks (pictured) should contact Ampersand Projects for a refund 

‘Consumers should not open or drink this product and dispose of it safely (away from body),’ Food Standards said.

‘Please contact Ampersand Projects for safe disposal instructions and to arrange reimbursement.’ 

The drinks have been sold to customers in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania at BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores 

They were also available online nationally and at independent retailers, liquor stores and licensed premises. 


Pink Gin Soda – Batch LC14: BB: 05.08.23, Batch LC13: BB: 23.08.23 – 25.08.23, Batch LC18: BB: 01.09.23 – 03.09.23

Vodka Soda – Batch LC11: BB: 14.08.23 – 16.08.23

Vodka Soda Black – Batch LC12: BB: 10.08.23 – 13.08.23 

The drinks were sold at Dan Murphy's (pictured), BWS and online around the country

The drinks were sold at Dan Murphy’s (pictured), BWS and online around the country 

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