Rabbitohs fan dedicates Redfern home to South Sydney NRL team but Reddit users argue its too much

Is this the Rabbitohs biggest fan? Dedicated homeowner covers his garage in the team colours – but one tiny detail has social media users fearing he’s gone too far

  • Rabbitohs fan dedicates his Redfern home to the South Sydney NRL team 
  • A photo shared to Reddit shows garage roller doors painted with team colours
  • The exterior walls also feature twelve rabbits chasing a football and polka dots 
  • But social media users argue the rabbit and polka dot design was too much

A South Sydney Rabbitohs fan has dedicated his home to his team colours, but a minor detail caused some social media users to claim the homeowner went too far. 

An image uploaded to Reddit on Wednesday shows the garage roller doors of a house in Redfern, Sydney, emblazoned with the Rabbitohs NRL team colours.

‘When you really, really like the Rabbitohs,’ the caption read.

A Rabbitohs fan has dedicated his home to the South Sydney Rabbitohs but one minor detail has Reddit users divided (pictured)

The South Sydney devotee also included twelve rabbits chasing a ball alongside a polka dot design with a patch of painted green grass to mimic a football field.

While Redditor’s were amused by the homeowner’s dedication some users argued the design went overboard. 

‘In my opinion I think the bunnies over-do it. Maybe one above the door would look good,’ one user wrote. 

Other users praised the extravagant design for standing out amongst the usual bland garage roller doors seen in Sydney suburbs. 

‘The polka dots and flying bunnies are kind of cute though,’ commented a user. 

‘I didn’t even notice them! The door caught my eyes first, the dots and the bunnies are sort of minimal. Also doubles as Christmas decor too I guess’, said another.

‘Looks better than the boring garage doors next to it which is probably what the entire street is,’ added a third.  

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