Quick, quality medical translation by Linguation.com

Linguation Online Translation Agency makes the process of medical translation easy with their online translation platform. 

Translation of medical reports are often needed urgently following a medical consultation or procedure. If moving between countries following a medical referral or discharge from hospital, an urgent translation of a physician’s referral, an operation report or an epicrisis may be required.

Linguation.com is able to help, providing fast and flawless translation of medical documents thanks to its state of the art online translation platform and worldwide team of specialist medical translators. Customers are able to upload their medical documents easily and securely to the platform, receive an immediate price quote and place an order around the clock and from wherever they are in the world. Linguation.com will do their utmost to meet customers’ urgent medical translation requirements and is proud of its high customer satisfaction.

“Very few other translation agencies look after their customers with such care.” E. Diekmann

Their focus on customer care, their commitment to quality translation and their competitive prices means that online translation agency Linguation.com has quickly built strong customer loyalty. The agency is now launching its website and online system to include website content in Russian, French and Spanish, allowing even more customers worldwide to benefit easily from their professional online translation service.

More information about medical translation services at Linguation.com can be found here: https://www.linguation.com/en/medical-translation

As well as medical translation, Linguation.com provides translation services for a whole range of fields, including legal, business, marketing, technical, academic and certified translation and have specialist translators to meet your specific document need. Linguation.com serves large multinationals, medium-sized concerns, sole traders, educational establishments and individuals with personal translation requirements.

About Linguation.com

Linguation.com is an online translation agency based in Munich, Germany, offering a quick and easy process for professional translation. With its vast team of translators worldwide, the agency offers numerous language combinations.

More information can be found here: https://www.linguation.com/en/