Puppycide Alert: Police on an Unprecedented Dog-Killing Spree

According to some analysts, police safety has become the highest priority in modern policing. In some cases, it trumps the fundamental rights and safety of suspects. An officer’s safety while carrying out their duties has become so important that their subjective fear of suffering minor dog bites can justify the use of potentially lethal force.

In some incidents, Americans lose their lives while some cops try to kill a dog. Some officers have also shot their colleagues and bystanders after firing their guns at dogs. According to some experts, the absurd cruelties of the American police have reached new heights. Note that if you kill a police dog in the U.S., you may serve more years in prison than if you abused a kid.

However, if a police officer kills your pet, they face little or no consequences for their actions. In many lawsuits filed against officers, the court has ruled that they have qualified immunity, a doctrine that encourages them to act recklessly. Some analysts estimate that a dog is shot by a cop every 98 minutes in the U.S.

The Department of Justice also estimates that police officers kill about 25 dogs daily. On the other hand, the Puppycide Database Project revealed that nearly 500 dogs are killed by cops daily, translating to more than 180,000 dogs annually. In many such incidents, a child is near the scene of the shooting.

For example, a young girl incurred a gunshot wound when an officer firing on a dog missed and hit her. The Sixth Circuit of Appeals considers the movement or barking of a pet as a sufficient threat. If that happens, cops are allowed to open fire. In some situations, the perception of a threat is enough for qualified immunity to be applied.

Common Injuries Types of Injuries Caused By Dogs

The following types of injuries caused by dogs are common after being bitten or attacked by a dog. Whether your injuries are minor or serious, you should get checked out by a doctor to be medically cleared and to start a medical record in case you end up in court.

Minor Wounds

Most dog bites aren’t serious. In most cases, the bites are simply scratches and are unlikely to cause lasting damages. If a dog breaks the skin, you need to get medical help to avoid complications. In most cases, a bandage and an antibiotic ointment application could be all you need for recovery after minor injuries.

Serious Injuries

If you experience deep bites, stitches or surgery may be necessary. Usually, deep wounds result from intensive attacks rather than single bites. Depending on the dog, a single incident may lead to high medical bills, especially if the dog is strong or has known health issues. If a dog bites you, you should undergo several tests to rule out associated medical complications.

Typically, infections are secondary results of dog bites. Although most of them can be treated, others can be extremely dangerous. A round of antibiotics is all you need to reduce the risk of infections. After a dog bite, some of the precautionary measures are cleaning the wound and irrigating it with a saline solution.


Dog bites can result in scars, which can be physical, psychological, or emotional. Typically, a medical expert can fix physical scars. There may be difficulties while trying to treat emotional and psychological scars.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is also common after a dog attack, especially with dog bites in children. Some of the common signs of the medical condition include:

  • Withdrawal
  • Depression
  • Nightmares


These are superficial injuries and don’t go past the epidermis. If you incur some abrasions due to dog bites, there’s minimal bleeding. However, you may incur scars after severe bites. Usually, the injuries are treatable at home, but you should consider consulting a medical professional to ensure you have no infections.


A laceration refers to a deep cut in the skin and affects the nerves, bones, and blood vessels. With a laceration, victims experience excessive bleeding, and the injuries are marked by uneven patterns on the affected parts.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, you should seek out the advice of an attorney who specializes in dog bite cases. In most cases, the dog’s owner is responsible for the consequences of their pet’s behavior, and this includes covering your damages.