Premier League reveal their festive fixture calendar with Wolves vs Chelsea first Christmas Eve game in 28 years, just two football-free days in a fortnight and a 10-hour Boxing Day feast

3pm kick-off unless otherwise stated

Tuesday December 5

7.30pm Wolves vs Burnley (Amazon)

8.15pm Luton vs Arsenal (Amazon)

Wednesday December 6

7.30pm Brighton vs Brentford (Amazon)

7.30pm Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth (Amazon) 

7.30pm Fulham vs Nottingham Forest (Amazon)

7.30pm Sheffield United vs Liverpool (Amazon)

8.15pm Aston Villa vs Manchester City (Amazon)

Thursday December 7

7.30pm Everton vs Newcastle (Amazon)

8.15pm Tottenham vs West Ham (Amazon)

Saturday December 9 

12.30pm Crystal Palace vs Liverpool (TNT Sports)

5.30pm Aston Villa vs Arsenal (TNT Sports) 

Sunday December 10

2pm Everton vs Chelsea 

2pm Fulham vs West Ham

2pm Luton vs Manchester City (Sky Sports)

4.30pm Tottenham vs Newcastle United (Sky Sports)

Friday December 15

8pm Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham (Sky Sports)

Saturday December 16 

5.30pm Burnley vs Everton (Sky Sports) 

Sunday December 17

2pm Arsenal vs Brighton 

Thursday December 21

8pm Crystal Palace vs Brighton (Sky Sports)

Friday December 22

8pm Aston Villa vs Sheffield United (Sky Sports)

Saturday December 23

12.30pm West Ham vs Man United (TNT Sports)

5.30pm Liverpool vs Arsenal (Sky Sports) 

Sunday December 24

1pm Wolves vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Tuesday December 26

12.30pm Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest (Amazon)

Bournemouth vs Fulham (Amazon)

Sheffield United vs Luton (Amazon)

5.30pm Burnley vs Liverpool (Amazon)

8pm Manchester United vs Aston Villa (Amazon)

Wednesday December 27

7.30pm Brentford vs Wolves (Amazon)

7.30pm Chelsea vs Crystal Palace (Amazon)

8.15pm Everton vs Manchester City (Amazon) 

Thursday December 28

7.30pm Brighton vs Tottenham (Amazon) 

8.15pm Arsenal vs West Ham (Amazon)

Saturday December 30

12.30pm Luton Town vs Chelsea (TNT Sports)

5.30pm Nottingham Forest vs Manchester United (Sky Sports)

Sunday December 31

2pm Fulham vs Arsenal (Sky Sports) 

2pm Tottenham vs Bournemouth 

Monday January 1

8pm Liverpool vs Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 2 January

7.30pm West Ham vs Brighton (Sky Sports)

*This list is being updated. Return later for the rest of the January fixtures.