Plastic Surgery Expectations vs. Reality: 5 Things to Know

There are many reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery. Some need to change their appearance, while others want to deal with a medical issue. Regardless of the reason why you choose to undergo plastic surgery, it’s important that you align your expectations with the reality of plastic surgery. This will, in turn, help you to prepare well for good results after your surgery.

Below are 5 things that you must know before doing plastic surgery.

Be wary of filters

You need to think twice if you expect to look like an Instagram or Snapchat filter. The plastic surgery industry is seeing a lot of changes—thanks to the growth of social media, as well as the selfie culture among young people. Research conducted back in 2017 revealed that most plastic surgery patients desire to have a better appearance in selfie photos.

Well, it is not wrong to desire to be camera confident. However, the most important thing is how you can achieve this state. Expecting to get that “filter” appearance after plastic in your photos is an unrealistic expectation—and you need to change your mindset. Your surgeon will rely on human skills to make you look better—not pixels and technology. Yes, your surgeon will make your jawline or nose look better—but this cannot match the famous social media filters.

Do lots of research

As said earlier, your plastic surgeon cannot give you social media filters—and if they said they’d do it, then they are lying to you. Thus, you need to search for a plastic surgeon who will be honest with you—especially when it comes to your surgery results. This shows the importance of researching before proceeding to your surgery.

To get better results, you must choose a surgeon with maximum skill levels. Besides, you need to look for a plastic surgeon who’s honest with you, and one who puts your interests first. However, you need to be cautious, as this interest doesn’t mean that the surgeon is honest with you. Some surgeons will over exaggerate the pre and post-op pictures to lure their potential clients and create unrealistic expectations about plastic surgery. Therefore, you need to take your time and do lots of research if you want to undergo plastic surgery.

Self-assessment is vital

The Phoenix plastic surgery experts say that researching about your surgeon isn’t enough when contemplating on doing plastic surgery. Apart from pre- and post-op consultation, you also need to do self-evaluation. That means you should ask yourself why you need to do plastic surgery. Will the surgery fix some physical features that you’ve not been comfortable with? Do you think plastic surgery will give you a new and improved version of yourself? If that’s the case, then you are the ideal candidate for the surgery.

But, do you need plastic surgery just to look like someone else? Or, do you want to keep up with the current trends of plastic surgery? If that’s the case, then you need to think twice. Besides your external appearance, you will also need to evaluate your mental health. Do you feel good about yourself, regardless of your perceived imperfections? Or, do you think that plastic surgery is your ultimate solution to finding internal happiness? If this is your case, then your plastic surgery expectations are very wrong. Thus, you must do a self-assessment if you want to make a choice that suits you the best.

Take care of yourself

Most people think that plastic surgery will give them their desired appearance. While this is very possible, you will need to work on maintaining your body after plastic surgery. There’s a common misconception among most plastic surgery patients—the results will last forever. However, you must note that your body will change with time. Thus, you must take good care of yourself for maximum results.

With this, you will need to exercise, reduce your stress levels, and eat a healthy diet. These good practices will make you a good candidate for plastic surgery, and also allow you to maintain your results after the surgery.

The insurance company will cover my procedure

Do insurance companies cover plastic surgery procedures? Yes—but only procedure done for medical purposes. So, if you are expecting your insurance company to cover procedures done for aesthetic purposes, then you are mistaken. Besides, you must also note that not all insurance companies cover the full costs for plastic surgery procedures.

Both individual circumstances and health plans do vary widely. So, if you think that your procedure might be covered, ensure that you consult with your insurance company and surgeon to confirm. These are the only parties that can confirm whether your procedure is covered by your current insurance plan. Besides, they will also tell you whether it’s fully or partially covered. All in all, you should never proceed to do plastic surgery, expecting your company to fully cover your procedure, and yet you haven’t confirmed that.