Petrol prices going up in Australia: Melbourne

Fill up NOW: Urgent warning issued to Australian motorists with petrol prices expected to rise within DAYS

  • Petrol prices are rising in Melbourne 
  • Hikes expected in the next fortnight 

Motorists across Melbourne have been warned to fill up their vehicles now with prices set to skyrocket.

Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association chief executive Mark McKenzie said Melburnians have been paying an average of $1.75 per litre for unleaded fuel.

But he warned the city’s ‘very long cycle’ of cheap petrol prices will come to an end in the next fortnight.

Fuel prices are expected to rise within the next fortnight in Melbourne (pictured, a girl filling her car)

‘The lowest price in the market is still about $1.68, the highest is about $2.11 and you’ve got everything in between. You’ll actually see prices probably settle somewhere between $1.80 through to the big twos,’ Mr McKenzie told Herald Sun.

‘Not all service stations go up at the same time. It generally takes 10 to 12 days before the majority of service stations have moved up their prices.

‘When you start to see this change, get in and buy at the cheaper end.’

Service stations in the city’s north and east have already started going up with Brunswick, Hawthorn and Kew paying an average of $2.09 per litre.

Meanwhile, a service station in the northwest suburb Maribyrnong was found to have the highest metropolitan price at $2.11 per litre.

In Sydney, the NRMA found the average price of regular unleaded fuel rose 5.2 cents per litre last week.

It found the prices around the city should peak at $2.01 per litre and go as low as $1.76 per litre. 


1 – Download fuel-tracking apps

2 – Double dip on supermarket discounts using dockets and reward programs

3 – Look into rewards and cash back schemes offered by your bank

4 – Only fill up a quarter of a tank until you see a good price

5 – Drive at $80km/h to maximise economy

6 – Get a hybrid car so that your fuel lasts longer

7 – Ask friends and family for fuel cards instead of gifts

8 – Use the 7/11 app to ‘lock in’ low prices when you see them