Ottawa Senators defenceman Mark Borowiecki thwarts theft in Vancouver

Mark Borowiecki plays defence for the Ottawa Senators, but he thwarted a different kind of score in Vancouver, according to police. 

Borowiecki “wrestled a stolen bag” away from an unidentified person, who had taken it from a car, at around 1:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, according to a statement from the Vancouver Police Department. The suspect then fled on a bicycle.

Police are investigating the incident, which happened in the area of West Cordova and Granville streets, on the fringe of Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood.

No arrests have been made, and the bag was returned.

No further information was available. 

“We are grateful for Mark’s assistance and do recommend that if anybody does witness a crime to immediately notify the Vancouver Police and to stay safe,” police wrote in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Ottawa Senators confirmed the story.

The Senators are scheduled to play the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday.