Ottawa Redblacks player blindsided by Trump tweet

RJ Harris didn’t make a heroic play. He didn’t take a controversial political stance. He didn’t really do anything but have the same name as a Pennsylvania radio show host who supports Donald Trump.

The Ottawa Redblacks wide receiver, whose Twitter handle is @RJHarris15, was tagged on Friday by the U.S. president in a tweet that seems to be meant for Harrisburg, Pa., morning show radio host RJ Harris, @RJHarrisWHP580.

All it likely took was the slip of a finger or extra space.

The team confirmed in a tweet that was not a statement from their third most-targeted receiver last year, his second in the CFL.

The 27-year-old, who was born in Germany but grew up in Maryland, took the opportunity to plug an upcoming camp for kids.

He later said in a team video his phone was buzzing non-stop.

Most of the replies to Trump’s tweet were of a political nature rather than a prediction of how the Redblacks offence will shake out under new coach Paul LaPolice when they kick off June 12.

As for the radio host? While he didn’t seem to mind the misstep, we may have to wait until he takes back the mic on central Pennsylvania’s number one radio show on Monday to hear more.