OnlyFans cleaner Kyla Hutton slams The Block star Jess Eva over Sunshine Coast house debacle

To everyone who saw me on the news This is what actually happened.

First off I would like to openly say

I will admit the video I took was unprofessional. I want to formally apologise for taking the video and the drama it has caused. It was never my intention for it to go this far. 

I want to make it clear that the tick-tock’s and so-called ‘explicit videos’ were never taken in this house. I’ll admit that I took a 20 second Snapchat video of me lip syncing a song during the 10 minute break I took during the clean.

The video was never intended to be sent to anyone else but my one of my best friend’s . I accidentally sent Jess the video while I was sending her photos of the decrepit state of the property. Jess was ‘shocked’ as I was to see what state her property was in. I was only supposed to be doing a quick builders clean that ended up needed a full bond clean and much more..

After a few hours of cleaning and me accidentally sending the video Jess said her brother was on the way to pick up the keys from ‘the letterbox’ she instructed me earlier that day to ‘leave the keys in the letterbox’, that it ‘would be safe’ she assured me, but it wasn’t.

Jess sent me three separate Facebook messages during the clean saying that ‘if it’s too much then just walk away from the job. It’s okay, I don’t mind and completely understand. If you need anything let me know.’

I replied that I still wanted to help her and complete the job, but for me to do that I would need more time and an extra $200, but she insisted to pay me $300 on top of what she had already paid me.

‘For all the hard work’. But never did.

Minutes later Jess blocked my number.

Moments later I was interrupted by the police. They came to the property and asked me if I was taking any videos in the property and if I had the keys?

I replied no. I went through all of my cleaning equipment and they did not find a set of keys in my possession. I left them in the mailbox as instructed by Jess.

That day there were at least six other people that Jess told where the keys were, they had all accessed the property that day including jesses family, tenants and tradesmen. This shows the keys could have been taken by anyone.

The police instructed us to collect our belongings and leave the property immediately after they had finished questioning us. At no point could I have been in or stayed in the property overnight.

I tried to contact Jess after the police had left and couldn’t get through to her as she had blocked me on Facebook and I didn’t have a phone number to reach her on. I assumed that she no longer wanted / needed my services anymore.

I feel personally attacked by Jess, A Current Affairs and the horrible people online. I feel my livelihood, my business and my goodwill has been attacked. I hope this will shed some much-needed light on this misleading situation.

I’ve worked three use full-time as a commercial cleaner where I completed my Cert III in commercial cleaning operations. I have worked in hotels for two years cleaning as well as starting my own cleaning company specialising in Bond Clean’s and Airbnb cleans.

During that time I have never received any complaints about any cleans that I have completed.

Despite the hurdles of life that I have had to face, I have still managed to work two cleaning jobs at the same time trying to provide for myself and my family at such a young age. To try and build a business on the side was extremely challenging but I’ve persevered to build something of my own that I can be proud of.

I completed the job to the best of my ability considering the police interruptions and state of the property. Despite everything that took place I still tried to clean and finish the job even while the police were still at the house, as I am always professional. I was very disappointed when I couldn’t finish the clean to the highest standards I always provide when completing my other jobs. But in all fairness all that was left was A small pile off dust n rubbish at the door the rest was finished.

To answer a few questions:

– I have a permanent residence on the Sunshine Coast and I would never need to ‘house surf’ from clean to clean.

– Yes, I had a male cleaner working with me. He is not my partner, he is just a work colleague. Are males not allowed to clean?

– We never use the shower other than when it was being cleaned.

-I brought old towels with me to use as rags to clean the excess water that overflowed from the shower water onto the bathroom floor. As there was no bathroom floor waste/drain.

The pictures and messaged say it all..

I didn’t ask for any of this to be put on the news or anything like that this is all because of Jess. The last thing I want to mention is that I just want people to know that you shouldn’t comment on something you know nothing about get your facts straight first and then fire away you are entitled to your opinion. 

Source: Kyla Hut/Facebook