Offset is making his acting debut on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

The Migos rapper is set to debut his acting skills on Sunday’s episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

In the episode “Alsiyadun,” Offset will play Kadri Kashan Khan, an undercover CIA agent working in the Sinai Peninsula to monitor terrorist activity.

“I never wanted to come into acting and be like put in this category of, ‘Oh, you be the bad guy all the time,” Offset said in a preview clip of the episode. “I wanted to be able to show that I can do anything that someone sets in front of me.”

LL Cool J, who plays Sam Hanna on the show, said Offset approached about appearing on “NCIS.” The rapper-turned-actor said Offset is “completely breaking type” by taking on such a unique role.

“When you’re a rap artist they think you’re only going to play the gangster or you’re only going to play the thug or you’re going to play something closer to the street,” LL Cool J said. “He’s like completely away from all of that.”

In the episode, fans will see Offset blow things up, perform a few stunts and help rescue Fatima, one of the “NCIS: L.A”. team’s new members who disappeared while on a mission.

“My own fans, they are so excited to see me do something different. To be honest it’s one of my top experiences and everybody treated me like family,” Offset said.

The rapper will premiere a new song called “Danger” during the episode.