NYC mayor says 2 NYPD officers are suspended without pay, further disciplinary action to come


Fairfax County police officer Tyler Timberlake faces three different charges of assault and battery over an incident involving the tasing and arrest of a black man.  

Body camera footage released by the department shows the officer violating use of force policies, authorities said Saturday.

Timberlake, an eight-year-veteran of the force, faces up to 36 months in prison, Steve T. Descano, Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, said.

The unidentified victim in the video was treated at a local hospital and released, Fairfax County Chief of Police Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr. said, adding that he personally reached out to the victim and his mother to “express [his] disgust with [his] officer’s unacceptable criminal actions and assured her justice will be served.”

Roessler said Timberlake was relieved of his duty and law enforcement authority in accordance with Fairfax County personnel regulations. The other officers on the scene have also all been relieved of duty pending the outcomes of both the criminal and administrative investigations, according to Roessler.

CNN’s attempts to reach Timberlake were not immediately successful.

Descano called the body camera video “unsettling. “I want our community to know that we are pursuing charges that are aligned with current law, and supported by the evidence which with, with which we have been presented,” he said.

The body camera video was released by Chief Roessler, who said the video shows Officer Timberlake committing “criminal acts, which violate our oath of office, and they ignore the sanctity of human life. The video also erodes the public’s trust of police officers, not only in Fairfax County, but throughout this world.”

Roessler also said that in addition to the criminal investigation, he has launched an administrative investigation and the officer’s use of force will be subjected to independent review by the Fairfax County police auditor.