Nunavut minister stripped of portfolios after social media post that undermines Black Lives Matter

Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq has stripped Patterk Netser of his ministerial portfolios.

In an announcement Thursday morning, Savikataaq said he was made aware of an “unacceptable social media post.”

Netser was the minister responsible for Arctic College and the Nunavut Housing Corporation.

In a Facebook account purportedly belonging to him, Netser stated that “All Lives Matter,” a statement largely seen as a criticism to the Black Lives Matter movement because it discounts the disproportionate racism that Black people face.

The post then goes on to criticize Black women for having abortions.

“I wonder how many Black ladies go through abortion and at what stage of the gestation? Are they not lives too?” the post reads.

David Joanasie has been handed the portfolio for Arctic College, and Savikataaq will act as minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation.