NSW residents to get a free day of travel after Sydney trains went into meltdown

Every resident of Sydney to get FREE travel after trains went into meltdown: Here’s what we know so far

  • Train network shut down across Sydney on Wednesday
  • NSW Premier said day of free public transport will be offered 

Dominic Perrottet has announced there will be a day of free public transport in New South Wales to make up for Sydney’s train network going into meltdown on Wednesday afternoon.

Commuters trying to get home after work on Wednesday were left waiting for nearly two hours after the public transport network’s radio system failed.

The NSW Premier said on Thursday a ‘fare-free’ day would be in store to try and make up for the chaos. 

‘I’ve made it very clear to the secretary of the (NSW Transport) department that my expectation is there is a fare-free day to make up someway for what occurred yesterday,’ he told reporters.

The Sydney Trains network came to a standstill on Wednesday as frustrated commuters scrambled to find alternative ways to get home. Pictured are commuters waiting for a tram at Town Hall

‘I’m really sorry for the inconvenience that many faced yesterday while they were trying to get home to their families, to work, and to catch flights.’

It’s not yet known when the day of free public transport will be. 

All trains stopped just around 3pm on Wednesday – with the screens at Central Station in the middle of Sydney’s CBD coming up completely blank.

Transport NSW were forced to halt all trains due to safety reasons after the Digital Train Radio System failed.

The system was eventually rebooted and grounded trains started running again more than an hour after the issue began. 

However, tens of thousands of commuters were left stranded across the city.  

People crowded outside Central Station in Sydney's CBD on Wednesday afternoon

People crowded outside Central Station in Sydney’s CBD on Wednesday afternoon

Transport NSW initially warned commuters that the issue would affect services throughout the entire afternoon. 

Warnings for passengers to ‘expect delays’ earlier in the afternoon escalated to messages advising commuters to find ‘alternative travel options’.

The system failure saw the price of Ubers soar, with trips across Sydney costing commuters almost triple the price.

One commuter posted a screenshot of one trip from the middle of the city to Bondi that was charging $88.21.

More buses were sent into the city to take train commuters left in limbo.

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