NRLW star Millie Boyle reveals the way she AVOIDS being intimate with footy player husband Adam Elliott

  •  Millie Boyle revealed how she avoids sex with husband Adam Elliott
  • Boyle says she’s told him she’s on her period when she wasn’t
  • Knights star Elliott told Triple M listeners he’s ‘not a quitter’

NRLW star Millie Boyle has revealed on radio the way she avoids having sex with her husband Adam Elliott – and the Newcastle Knights star called into the show to confront her about it.

Boyle, who is one of the most decorated NRLW players in history, is filling in for Jude Bolton this week on Triple M’s Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell.

On Tuesday afternoon, the conversation turned to the topic of how female frogs fake their own deaths to get out of having sex with male frogs.

Boyle, who recently tied the knot with her NRL star husband, had sympathy for the frogs and revealed she also uses an excuse to avoid being intimate with Elliot.

‘Look, I’m not proud of it, but I’m with the frog,’ she revealed.

Boyle told Triple M’s Rush Hour listeners that she sympathises with female frogs who pretend they are dead to avoid having sex with male frogs

‘I have said it was my time of the month maybe a couple of times when it wasn’t.

‘So, I stand with the frogs.’

Shortly afterwards, Elliot called into the show to confront his new wife about her shock public reveal.

‘I think I might pester Mill more than most blokes pester their wives,’ Elliott admitted. 

‘I just wanted to say, on the back of the frogs, surely frogs have got a bit more ticker than that. I didn’t want people thinking they were doing the old fake, pulling the old time of the month…’

A mortified Boyle then interjected and told Elliott that he could have called her personally instead of expressing himself on live radio. 

Elliott continued: ‘I just want people to know that I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up that easy.’

The sporting power couple – who married at Shoal Bay in October – attracted plenty of headlines for their infamous ‘toilet tryst’ at a Gold Coast restaurant in August of 2021.

Elliott wanted Triple M listeners to know that he 'doesn't give up easy and is not a quitter'

Elliott wanted Triple M listeners to know that he ‘doesn’t give up easy and is not a quitter’

The NRL power couple (pictured at the Dally M awards) celebrated their wedding recently

The NRL power couple (pictured at the Dally M awards) celebrated their wedding recently 

They announced their engagement last year just weeks after Boyle won the NRLW grand final with the Knights, where Elliott was spotted crying tears of joy in the grandstand.

The footballers were childhood friends growing up on the NSW south coast before reconnecting and embarking on a whirlwind romance.

Elliott, 29, is no stranger to off-field controversy, and firmly believes his relationship with the Roosters prop has provided the life balance he craved.

‘Millie’s the biggest influence over my personal happiness right now. How much she’s bought into my family, and helping to raise my little boy [from a previous relationship], it means the world to me,’ Elliott told the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year.

‘I probably don’t give her enough credit, she’s a very special person….trying to explain everything she does for me, it gets me a bit emotional.’