New frontier in space photography on display

A new exhibition is bringing otherworldly space images to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

U.S. writer, artist and filmmaker Michael Benson’s Otherworlds is a selection of 41 composite pictures created from raw scientific data provided by NASA and the European Space Agency.

It’s landscape photography, far from land — large-scale glamour shots at the intersection between art and science.

The high-resolution images include Jupiter and its moon Io, Saturn and its moon Enceladus, and what the surface of the sun might look like if only human eyes could bear to see it.

This image depicts the transit of Jupiter’s moon, Io. (NASA/JPL/Michael Benson, Kinetikon Pictures)

The 57-year-old’s images have been shown around the terrestrial world, often to an ambient hour-long musical composition by Brian Eno called Deep Space.

The show is the first of several moon-related exhibits at the Museum of Nature tied to the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing.

It runs from May 17 to Sept. 2.

If you look closely, you can see two volcanic eruptions on this image of Io. (NASA/JPL/PIRL/University of Arizona/Michael Benson, Kinetikon Pictures)