‘Nailed the language after a week!’: Fans poke fun at Bayern Munich newcomer Eric Dier for ‘going full Steve McClaren’ claiming he’s ‘got a German accent’ as the defender speaks after his Bundesliga debut

  • Eric Dier made his debut for Bayern Munich on Wednesday night vs Union Berlin
  • After the game he spoke of his pride at having made his first appearance 
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Fans have joked that Eric Dier has ‘gone full Steve McClaren’ and claimed that he ‘has a German accent’ as the defender spoke in a post-match interview following his side’s 1-0 victory against Union Berlin. 

Dier, who penned a loan deal to join the Bundesliga outfit a little under two weeks ago, came off the bench at half-time to make his first appearance for his new club on Wednesday at the Allianz Arena.

It was a successful debut for the England international, with Raphael Guerreiro scoring within minutes of Dier arriving on the pitch. 

But it appears Dier is the latest football star to adopt a new accent, with fans jesting that the defender has followed the likes of McClaren and David Moyes to have done the same.  

After the game the 30-year-old told Sky Sports: ‘[It was] a very proud moment for me obviously to make my debut for this club. It’s a very proud moment for me and my family and obviously I really enjoyed it. 

‘I really enjoy playing here and I’m happy to have made my debut here at this stadium. So I’m really happy with how I’ve settled and obviously to make my debut and hopefully I can continue to help my team.’ 

But fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to jest that Dier had only been in Germany for a short period and had already picked up an accent.

‘He’s been there 3 mins 47 secs and he’s already got a German accent,’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘Does Eric Dier always talk that way or is he the next victim of the German accent syndrome.’

‘He went full Steve McClaren… you never go full Steve McClaren!’ 

‘Fair play to him. Nailed the language after a week!’ another wrote.

‘Eric Dier with a bit of the “Steve McLaren in The Netherlands” in his post match interview at Bayern.’ 

When pressed on whether there were any differences between the Bundesliga and the Premier League, Dier added: ‘It’s difficult for me to say after only 45 minutes. I’m sure I will start to understand. 

‘Obviously the crowd is a little bit different. The atmosphere is different. Not better or worse. They’re just very different atmospheres. In terms of the football, I need more games to understand better. 

‘But obviously, from what I’ve seen just watching on the TV and just watching the game last weekend, every team is technically very good. 

‘They all try to play quite a lot. And there’s a very nice style to the football here but as I said, I need more games to understand better.’

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He’s been there 3 mins 47 secs and he’s already got a German accent 

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