Mum at wits end after her tiny artist decorated his bedding

‘It won’t come off’: Mum at wits end after her tiny artist decorated his bedding with a cartoon version of the solar system – so what would you do?

  • A mum has been left to clean up after her space obsessed artist found pens
  • The young boy decorated his pillow cases with the solar system
  • Each planet appeared in line and had a huge grin, as did the sun

An exhausted mum has asked for advice after her space-obsessed son decided to decorate his pillowcases with his own version of the solar system.

The mum explained he had found her old calligraphy pens and decided to put them to use by decorating his bedding.

‘They are not washable markers, any ideas on how to wash?’ she asked alongside a picture of her young artist’s work.

A mum has been left wondering how to clean her son’s pillowslips after he decorated them with her non-washable markers

The post quickly went viral with hundreds of mums commenting, most complimenting the youngster’s artistic talent.

‘Folex would do the trick, but honestly you should just keep them,’ one woman said.

‘These are super cute. I think you should keep them unless they really bother you,’ said another.

‘I’d be bragging for such a terrific artist! And it’s not easy to draw on cloth material. I love it,’ said another mum. 

‘This is the cutest – but only because it didn’t happen to me,’ said another mum. 

While another suggested she keep them safe and give them to him ‘on his wedding day’.


What would you do?

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‘Or keep them for when he moves out – what a lovely gift,’ said another.

‘I would frame them,’ said another.

While other mums suggested she should take the time to explain that there are more appropriate surfaces to express himself creatively. 

‘Buy new ones If it bothers you. I definitely would have a talk about not doing that but I adore this,’ one said.

The most common ‘fix’ appeared to be buying new pillowcases.

‘I would cut your losses, they are so cheap at Target,’ one woman said.

‘The cleaning chemicals are probably more expensive than new cases, just chuck them,’ said another.

The picture spreads across two separate pillowslips with the sun on one and the planets on the other.

Each planet has a broad grin as does the sun.