Multiple people injured after Boston transit trains collide

Twenty-three people have been transported to hospitals for injuries that are not life-threatening after the accident Friday evening, according to a tweet from the Boston Fire Department.

Later the authority said 25 people received treatment.

It said the collision involved two Green Line trains on the B Branch near Babcock Street.
“We take this matter extremely seriously and are actively investigating the incident to understand what occurred, and prevent it from happening again,” the MBTA said in a tweet.
“The train was stopped at the light when it suddenly jerked forward,” passenger Brian Sirman, who was on one of the trains, told CNN affiliate WCVB. “It felt like the worst amusement park ride that you could imagine, just jerking you forward.”
A witness who was sitting in a car when the crash happened told CNN affiliate WBZ that some passengers appeared to have neck and head injuries.

“So there was a woman that was coming off the train, and she had a lot of blood coming down her face,” the witness said. “I had napkins, so I gave her some napkins.”