More Canadians evacuated from Afghanistan after Kabul airport reopens for passenger flights

More Canadians were evacuated from Afghanistan today on a civilian flight bound for Qatar, a government source has told CBC News.

It’s not immediately clear how many Canadians were on board the plane.

Forty-three Canadian citizens were evacuated from Afghanistan on Thursday on a separate flight, also organized by the government of Qatar.

Thursday’s flight was the first passenger flight to leave Afghanistan since the U.S. military completed its withdrawal from the country in late August.

A Qatari official said about 200 passengers are expected on today’s flight.

The ruling Taliban have promised to allow foreigners with proper travel documents to leave Afghanistan, but there are concerns for the safety of departing passengers and the condition of the Kabul airport following the frenzied military rescue mission.

There were 1,250 Canadian citizens, permanent residents and family members still in Afghanistan when the U.S. military left on Aug. 30.