Moment dog is sent somersaulting through the air when he tries to leap over children’s swing 

Flipping hound! Moment dog is sent somersaulting through the air when he tries to leap over child’s swing

  • Buddha the Golden Retriever was playing fetch in a garden in Bluffs, Illinois 
  • The dog was filmed as he bounded across the grass towards the child’s swing
  • Buddha attempted to leap over the swing but misjudged his high speed jump

This is the heartstopping moment a Golden Retriever does a somersault over a child’s swing while chasing its ball. 

A 21-second clip, filmed in Bluffs, Illinois, features Buddha’s owner, off camera, throwing a ball across his yard. 

The dog races after the ball and attempts to leap over a children’s swing to catch it but is sent flying. 

Fortunately the dog was unharmed in the incident earlier this week, with his owner laughing in exaggerated fashion for the remainder of the clip.  

According to the owner, who has not been identified: ‘Buddha and I were in the back yard getting ready to play fetch. 

‘I was going to record it because he is super fast.  

The dog misjudged it's leap over the swing and ended somersaulting upside down

Buddah the golden retriever raced across the grass in a playground in Bluffs, Illinois after a ball

‘He went to jump over the swing and his front paws caught it and he went Yeet! Triple backflip, landing on his belly. 

‘He is ok and healthy. He was only worried about finding his ball afterwards.’

Several viewers were worried about the dog’s health, but others – realising he was unharmed – shared his owner’s amusement.

One commented: ‘Poor dog could have been seriously injured’ followed by a crying emoji.

Another commentator said: ‘When your dog thinks it’s a boomerang.’