Mischa Barton is joining Neighbours! Where the cast of The O.C are now

Mischa Barton has been confirmed to guest star in the new season of revived soap Neighbours, which will air on Amazon Freevee.

Best known for playing Marissa Cooper in 00s teen drama The O.C., Mischa, 37, will play Reece, an American who is new to Erinsborough who is ‘not quite who she appears to be’.

It’s been 20 years since American drama began and made Mischa, Rachael Bilson, Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie household names, or at least their alter ego monikers of Marisa, Summer, Seth and Ryan.

Since the end of the Josh Schwartz-created series in 2007 the cast have been busy getting married, starring in films, having babies, being arrested and more.

Here, FEMAIL reveals the unlikely careers of The O.C’s many stars…

The O.C. started over 20 years ago and if you haven’t seen it before it’s well worth a watch. Think angsty storylines, dubious fashion choices and a killer soundtrack

Mischa Barton starred as Marisa Cooper in The O.C.

Mischa is set to appear in revived soap Neighbours

Mischa, as Marisa Cooper (left), in 2003, and Mischa now, as her new character Reece in revived Aussie soap, Neighbours

Marisa Cooper – Mischa Barton, 37

Mischa’s character Marisa was in every sense the girl-next-door, however she also had a wardrobe full of Chanel, pots of money and a fairly substantial alcohol and drug problem.

Following her character’s tragic death in season three, Mischa later claimed that she departed the series because of ‘bullying’ behind the scenes but has never alluded to who was the bully.

Just like her alter ego, Mischa struggled during her young adult years; getting arrested in 2007 and receiving a DUI for marijuana possession and driving without a licence.

The actress, who was born in Hammersmith, London, was sent to court-ordered rehab as part of her sentence, however two years later, she was admitted to a mental health ward.

Mischa was sent to the venue under a psychiatric hold, after she started exhibiting worrisome behaviour that she later attributed to exhaustion.

The star was hospitalised again for a mental health evaluation in 2017, the same year two ex boyfriends teamed up to try and sell an intimate tape and photos of her that were taken without her consent.

Mischa successfully sued to have distribution of the video and images blocked and following the court case spoke out saying she ‘came forward to fight this not only for myself but for all women out there’.

Going through a difficult private life, Mischa’s career took somewhat of a backseat, starring in a number of limited-release movies and short-lived series, including The Beautiful Life: TBL, The Hills: New Beginnings, Virgin Territory and American Beach House.

In 2019 she came 11th on season 22 of Dancing With the Stars.

Summer Roberts – Rachel Bilson, 41  

Rachel Bilson starred as Summer Roberts in The O.C.

Rachel now

Rachel as Summer (left) was apparently only supposed to be a supporting character on The O.C. but after Rachel nailed the role, her character was upgraded to become one of the show’s four main stars

Summer was apparently only supposed to be a supporting character on The O.C. but after Rachel nailed the role, her character was upgraded to become one of the show’s four main stars.

As Marisa’s best friend and the object of Seth’s obsession, life later imitated art as Rachel and Adam, who played Seth, started dating before splitting in 2006.

Speaking about working with her ex while having to play his girlfriend on set, Rachel told Armchair Expert in 2021: ‘We broke up at the very end so there wasn’t much [for us to film] after the breakup.

‘We did get married after we broke up. … That’s always fun. 

‘They totally did that on purpose. That was the only scene left to shoot, was the wedding.

‘[The writers were] like, ‘You broke up? Let’s give you a wedding’.’

However it seems the former couple are still on great terms as Rachel told Dax Shepherd: ‘I had so much, and still do, love and respect for Adam.

‘We went through so much together, being so young and everything with the show.

‘And I’m so happy for him with his family and his beautiful wife and kids and everything.’

Two years after the show ended, during April and May 2009, Rachel was burgled by The Bling Ring group three to six times, amounting to between $130,000 and $300,000 of stolen property.

Rachel went on to date her Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen, with the pair dating on and off for 10 years, during which time they welcomed their daughter Briar Rose in 2014.

The two called it quits in 2017 amid reports he cheated with his Little Italy co-star Emma Roberts.

Career-wise, Rachel starred in Hart of Dixie from 2011 to 2015, had stints on How I Met Your Mother and Nashville.

In 2021, she began hosting a popular podcast, aptly titled – Welcome to the OC, B**ches – with former co-star Melinda Clarke, who played Julie Cooper.

During each show they rewatch an episode of The O.C., often with members of the cast for a delicious taste of nostalgia.

Seth Cohen – Adam Brody, 43

Lovable nerd Seth Cohen

Adam Brody is a happily married father of two

Adam starred as Seth Cohen (left) and dated co-star Rachel Bilson during their time on the show. Adam married Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester and the couple share two kids

Back in the day, there weren’t many hetero blooded females who didn’t have a crush on adorable and slightly nerdy comic-book-loving Seth, played by Adam Brody.

After splitting from co-star Rachel Bilson in 2006, Adam started dating Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester in 2011, who he met while filming indie film The Oranges.

The couple got married in 2014 and welcomed a daughter, Arlo Day and a son, who they’ve yet to reveal his name but describe as their ‘dream boy’.

Adam has appeared in several films as supporting roles, including Mr. & Mrs. Smith, alongside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox, Scream 4 and Baggage Claim.

Most recently, he once again reprised his role as the superhero version of Freddy in the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Ryan Attwood – Ben McKenzie, 44

Ben McKenzie as Ryan Attwood

Ben McKenzie is starring in an array of shows

Just like his former character Ryan Attwood (left), Ben’s career has gone from strength to strength and the actor continues to be busy, with the actor scoring a number of leading roles

As The O.C’s resident bad boy Ryan Attwood, Ben made a leather jacket and grey hoodie look really attractive.

Since the show came to an end in 2007 with his character an architect, Ben has also bagged himself a number of successful roles.

He starred in acclaimed TNT drama Southland from 2009 to 2013, and then scored the lead role on FOX’s Batman prequel series Gotham.

On the set of that show he met and began dating actress Morena Baccarin. The couple got married in 2017 and share daughter Frances and son Arthur.

Ben’s career continues to be busy, with the actor appearing in romantic comedy I Want You Back in 2022, and most recently scoring the leading role in The Hurt Unit, an upcoming medical drama from ABC.

Jimmy Cooper – Tate Donovan, 59  

Jimmy Cooper hid a dark secret

Silver fox Tate Donovan

Tate had a hugely successful career before The O.C. and has continued to bag major roles ever since it ended

Tate played the Jimmy Cooper, who put on a happy-go-lucky front but was actually in mountains of debt from trying to live up The O.C.’s way of life.

The actor had many high-profile romances with Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock back in in the ’90s, before eventually getting hitched in 2005 to actress Corinne Kingsbury.

Sadly the couple didn’t work out and they got divorce in 2008.

Following the end of The O.C, Tate has appeared in a number of incredible titles including Oscar-winning films Argo, Manchester by the Sea and Rocketman.

The star has also starred in acclaimed shows Respect, the Aretha Franklin biopic, in 2021, Damages, 24: Live Another Day, The Man in the High Castle and MacGyver.

In addition to acting, Tate is also an award-winning director, with episodes of Gossip Girl, Glee, Madam Secretary, Bloodline and more all under his belt.

Sandy Cohen – Peter Gallagher, 67  

Everyone's fave dad Sandy Cohen

Peter Gallagher is still working hard as an actor

Those eyebrows are still as iconic as ever! Peter played Seth Cohen’s dad and the saviour of young hoodlam Ryan Attwood

Playing everyone’s favourite dad Sandy Cohen, Peter Gallagher already had a hugely successful career – including Titanic, While You Were Sleeping and American Beauty – before he starred as the lawyer-come-surfer in show The O.C.

Married to Paula Harwood since 1983, the couple have two grown up children, James and Kathryn.

The actor has appeared on shows like Rescue Me, Californication and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and even joined Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Alan Hamilton for its 18th season in 2021.

Since The O.C. he’s also starred on the Netflix show Grace and Frankie and Apple TV’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

This year it was announced he had joined Apple TV+ crime drama series Truth Be Told.

Kirsten Cohen – Kelly Rowan, 57  

Kristen Cohen was the party pooper of the group

Kelly now

Kelly’s character Kristen was a workaholic and alcoholic and was the one to usually put a dampener on things. Kelly has stayed out of the limelight since leave Orange County 

As Seth Cohen’s workaholic and alcoholic mother, Kelly’s character Kristen went through a lot before the end of the show, which ended on a happy note with her giving birth to a baby girl.

In life imitating art, one year after the show ended Kelly also gave birth to a little girl with media mogul billionaire David Thomson. 

However, the couple called it quits right before their daughter Braelin arrived.

Since the end of The O.C. Kelly landed roles in the film Perception and made an appearance on the hit show Castle.

Focused on private life and raising her daughter, Kelly’s last acting credit was in 2016 for Hallmark Channel made-for-TV movie Tulips in Spring.

Julie Cooper – Melinda Clarke, 53  

Melinda as Julie Cooper

Melinda now

Melinda (right) nailed the role of Julie Cooper (left) so execs made her a main character. After leaving The O.C. Melinda starred on Nikita from 2010 to 2013, and also had minor roles in Entourage, Gotham and The Vampire Diaries

Melinda starred as Julie Cooper and she had plenty of drama in the show – including sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend.

She is another character who was only supposed to bit part at the start but secured her place by nailing the role.

Julie was KiKi’s, aka Kirsten’s BFF, but was married to Jimmy who was also Kirsten’s ex-boyfriend, which made things really awkward.

And things got even more confusing later on when Julie married Kirsten’s dad.

Following the end of the show, Melinda starred on Nikita from 2010 to 2013, and also had minor roles in Entourage, Gotham and The Vampire Diaries.

Although she hasn’t appeared in anything since 2018, Melinda is enjoying success as co-host of podcast Welcome to the OC, B**ches, along with her The O.C. co-star Rachel Bilson.

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