Michigan star Blake Corum denies doing business with Wolverines ‘spy’ Connor Stalions after a mysterious LLC was found to be co-owned by the pair in sign-stealing saga’s latest twist

In another bizarre twist in Michigan’s sign-stealing scandal, Wolverines running back Blake Corum has denied having any business relations with Connor Stalions, the recently fired team staffer accused of stealing opponents’ play-calling signals in violation of NCAA rules.

Corum is named as one of several owners of a mysterious Wyoming-based LLC, which lists Stalions’ Ann Arbor, Michigan home as its office, according to the Wyoming Secretary of State. ESPN is reporting that Stalions and someone named Connor O’Dea are also listed on the LCC’s paperwork, adding that only Stalions’ signature appears on the initial filing in March of 2022.

But despite being named as co-owner in that Wyoming filing, Corum told reporters on Tuesday that he does not ‘have any businesses with Connor or anything like that.’

‘But I’m glad whoever found it, whoever searched the web, was able to find that, I appreciate you,’ he said. ‘My attorneys are on it. Definitely get that figured out right away, get my name taken off of whatever it is.’

The specific purpose of the LLC remains unclear, but Stalions was accused by his homeowners association of running a vacuum-cleaner refurbishing business out of his Ann Arbor home, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Blake Corum (pictured) was name in Stalions’ LLC filing, but the running back can’t explain why

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh

Accused Michigan 'spy' Connor Stalions

 Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh (left) and accused Wolverines ‘spy’ Connor Stalions (right)

Corum, again, denied have any connection to a vacuum-cleaner business.

‘I’m a clean person, but I’m not a cleaner,’ Corum told reporters. ‘Vacuums aren’t my thing. I don’t know anything about that.’

Undefeated, third-ranked Michigan has gone on the offensive amid the ongoing scandal.

On Tuesday, the school sent documents to the Big Ten Conference implying that Rutgers, Ohio State and Purdue were communicating about the Wolverines’ signals, a source told ESPN.

A University of Michigan fan holds up a sign during ESPN's College GameDay on October 28

A University of Michigan fan holds up a sign during ESPN’s College GameDay on October 28

Purdue reportedly received offensive signals from Ohio State and defensive signals from Rutgers while before facing Michigan in the 2022 Big Ten Championship Game.

Michigan beat Rutgers 52-17 on November 5 and Ohio State 45-23 on November 26, before winning the conference title after beating Purdue 43-22 on December 4.

Any information that comes from these claims will not affect the notice of disciplinary action that the Big Ten recently handed Michigan. A Big Ten source stated that a suspension for Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is the most likely outcome.

Michigan have been under investigation since Stalions was accused of scouting several opponents, including Central Michigan and Purdue.

Several schools claimed to have ticket purchases under Stalions’ name as well as video evidence of his whereabouts. Coaches have collectively expressed their frustration and pushed the Big Ten and NCAA to act quickly on the situation.

‘It’s unfortunate,’ Purdue coach Ryan Walters said on Thursday night. 

Purdue head coach Ryan Walters said video evidence of Connor Stalions' whereabouts exists

Purdue head coach Ryan Walters said video evidence of Connor Stalions’ whereabouts exists

‘What’s crazy is they weren’t allegations. It happened. There’s video evidence. There’s ticket purchases and sales that you can track back. We know for a fact that they were at a number of our games, so we’ve had to teach our guys a new language in terms of some signals.’

‘I think a lot of people’s lives, livelihoods, jobs, their seasons, players, players’ health, all kinds of things, have been impacted by this,’ said Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule.

Stalions, a former military captain, resigned from his position as football analyst for Michigan last week.

Michigan beat Purdue, 41-13, on Saturday with three games remaining in the regular season. The Wolverines face 8-1 Penn State on Saturday in State College, Pennsylvania.

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