Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Larger and deeper than the U.S.’s Grand Canyon, Mexico’s Copper Canyon region is an eighth wonder of the world. The Copper canyon train travel is a journey that you cannot miss.

In this spectacular region, nine mayor canyons – most over a mile deep – carve through the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range.

The country’s tallest waterfalls pour into winding rivers, linking alpine forests to verdant meadows, and ancient cultures to Spanish silver mines. Home of the Tarahumara runners, the refuge of Pancho Villa, and the birthplace of Zorro, this is Copper Canyon – The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

The journey from sea level to 8,000 fear on “the most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere” and experience Copper Canyon.

The Copper Canyon train is among the greatest engineering works constructed during the 19th and 20th centuries. Mexican engineers demonstrated their capacity to solve location problems, as well as construction and development, due to the highly complicated geography of Copper Canyon, where the tracks would be laid.