Melbourne driver films furious road rage incident in Burnley Tunnel over merging argument

Driver captures furious road rage incident on camera as grumpy dad unleashes: ‘I swear if my kids weren’t in the car I’d break your nose’

  • Lily Bradley, 22, filmed the grumpy Melbourne driver 
  • The man got out of his car to speak to Lily and her boyfriend
  • The pair remained calm until the angry driver eventually left 

A frightened passenger has captured the moment a furious driver threatened to break her boyfriend’s nose after they were embroiled in a road rage incident.

Lily Bradley, 22, claimed the aggressive man approached her and her partner, Alex Christodoulou, after they failed to indicate while merging in the busy Burnley Tunnel, in central Melbourne.

Ms Bradley uploaded a video of the man screaming at the couple through their car window on Monday, claiming he had ‘pushed (them) into a work site’.

‘You f****** dumb c***, we’re all stopped now,’ the man yelled at Mr Christodoulou.

‘Don’t look at me like that because I’ll break your nose in c***.

‘These cars can beep all day. 

‘I swear to god, if my f****** kids weren’t in the car I would break your … nose, I’d bury you in front of all these c***s.’

Lily (right) filmed the moment an aggressive Melbourne driver threatened to break her boyfriend Alex’s (left) nose

Throughout the video, Mr Christodoulou tried to calm and apologise to the man.

The driver left after other frustrated motorists yelled out to him for holding up traffic.

In the comments under the video, Ms Bradley said she was ‘still terrified’ from the incident but managed to get the man’s licence plate number.

‘I’ve got his rego but unsure what to do,’ she said.

‘Everyone’s saying take it to the cops.

‘We were terrified, you heard what this guy was saying.’ 

However, commenters were determined she should report the driver.

Comments under the 'terrifying' video (above) urged Ms Bradley to report the man to police

Comments under the ‘terrifying’ video (above) urged Ms Bradley to report the man to police

‘Take it to the cops to have on file,’ one person suggested.

‘Irrespective of who did what he cannot allegedly threaten you like this,’ another said.

‘Definitely take it to the cops … Hope you guys are okay,’ a third wrote. 

Other commenters applauded Mr Christodoulou for remaining calm throughout the exchange.

‘Kudos to your partner for handling it so well,’ one said.

‘Well done to this driver, a real awesome calm dude. Good onya,’ another commented.