Meghan is homecoming queen in previously unseen footage

A ‘royal’ in her teens! Previously unseen footage of Meghan shows her crowned homecoming queen at high school as the Markle family prepares to fight back

Meghan Markle is seen waving at her peers while wearing a tiara in previously unseen footage of her at high school which has surfaced.

The Duchess of Sussex, now 41, looks regal in grainy footage from her school days when she was voted as Homecoming Queen by her friends.

She gracefully waves to her peers before putting her hand over her mouth as her face appears to express shock at her accolade.

The footage has been released as part of a 7NEWS Australia Spotlight special about the Duchess of Sussex, in which her estranged father Thomas Markle and sister, Samantha Markle, speak about Meghan. 

In another clip, the Duchess shows her early interest for performing arts as she dances onstage in what appears to be a school production

In the high school clip, Meghan appears to be wearing a white gown and a tiara as she drives along the track of the school field with the homecoming king.

In another clip, she walks arm-in-arm with the ‘king’ who is dressed in a sharp black tuxedo. 

Elsewhere in the home videos, the Duchess is seen performing on stage when she is just a young child. 

Previously unseen footage of the Duchess of Sussex as homecoming queen at school has resurfaced and will feature in a 7News Spotlight special about the Markle family

A young duchess is seen dancing onstage in a hat, scarf and a black outfit with her friends as she shows early flair for performing

A young duchess is seen dancing onstage in a hat, scarf and a black outfit with her friends as she shows early flair for performing

 A young Meghan beams as she wears a cowboy hat and a costume while performing with other young girls on stage. 

The trailer for the documentary hears from Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, and her half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr.

As part of the special, the Markles are pictured watching old home videos and smiling. At one point, a beaming Samantha rests her head on her father’s shoulder.

Samantha tells the camera: ‘[Meghan] would still be a waitress if it wasn’t for Dad.’

Thomas Jr then says: ‘We’re not gonna go away. This is gonna change everything.’

It is unclear what the Duchess’s half-brother is referring to.

As clips of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walking together at the public announcement of their engagement and then at their final Commonwealth Day service before leaving the UK, Samantha’s voice can be heard over the footage.

She says: ‘Very unhealthy for each other. It’s a toxic relationship.’ 

In one clip, Thomas, who appears to be in ailing health, says: ‘How can I fix this?’

The voiceover describes his words as a ‘dad’s deathbed plea’.

At the end of the trailer, Lady Victoria Hervey, the Duke of York’s ex, sits in the chair to be interviewed as viewers are promised the ‘biggest Prince Andrew bombshell yet’.