MailOnline reviews Facebook’s £299 smart glasses

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories do other things too – firstly, they automatically play your ringtone into your ear from small speakers at the end of the temples.   

You just have to double tap the ‘touchpad’ at the side of the glasses to answer or end a call, or tap and hold to reject.

The only thing is, unless you look at your phone, you don’t know who’s ringing, so you’re unable to make the decision to reject the call based on the person on the other end.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories also gives you control the playback of music apps like Spotify and Apple Music – tap the touchpad once to play or pause, double tap to skip a track, and triple tap to skip back. 

You can also swipe back and forth to increase or decrease the volume of the music, which likewise plays out of the tiny speakers. 

And the glasses have Facebook Assistant functionality (for English speakers only), meaning you can tap and hold the touchpad or say ‘Hey Facebook’ to get it to take photos or video.