Look to space to help solve climate change, says Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen

When you’re tackling a problem as complex as climate change, it helps to take a high-level view — say, about 400 kilometres off the ground — the next Canadian in space told CBC’s Power & Politics last month.

“Tackling climate change is about understanding the global picture,” Canadian astronaut Col. Jeremy Hansen told Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos in an interview airing Wednesday night.

“Let’s say you want to address how water is moving around our planet, where the ice is, where the permafrost is, where it’s melted, where it hasn’t, what the soil conditions are for farmers in Canada. The best way to do that is from space.”

Hansen, who is in line to be the next Canadian in orbit sometime over the next few years, said Canadian satellites are already providing data on the changing climate.

“If you put a satellite in orbit around the earth… you can image the entire planet. So while you’re providing a solution for Canadians you’re starting to provide a global picture,” he said.

“If you choose a space solution, you can do it for the entire globe at once.”

The conversation with Hansen is part of a new series called “The Big Fix,” which sees prominent Canadians share their thoughts on the major problems facing the country and offer their solutions.

Watch Jeremy Hansen discuss what he sees as the biggest issue facing Canada, and how he would solve it. 
Canadian astronaut Col. Jeremy Hansen says we should look to space for solutions to help address climate change. 8:57

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