Lockdown punch-up! Stunt school students trade blows in an ingenious coronavirus challenge video

Lockdown punch-up! Stunt school students trade blows in an ingenious coronavirus challenge video

  • Students from Campus Univers Cascades in northern France nail a slapstick skit 
  • One student is stopped mid-punch to be told jokingly to put hand sanitiser on 
  • The stunt scenes get more and more complicated in the video of the punch-up
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Students from a student double school punch each other in a clever coronavirus challenge video that doesn’t break social distancing rules.  

The ingenious video shows students from Campus Univers Cascades in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, northern France, jump up to kick or punch the camera, with the next student on screen pretending to fall over at the impact. 

The creative students rise to the challenge and show off their talents by coming up with inventive reactions and stunt scenes to include in the video. 

This chain of punching lasts almost three minutes with the staged violence getting more and more elaborate as the knockouts continue. 

The students nail their punches as well as their reactions, creating a

Stunt double students from Campus Univers Cascades in France create an ingenious chain of punching coronavirus challenge video, hilariously nailing the slapstick skits 

The students punch and kick the camera to continue the sequence but even take it one step further and include staged violence within their own scenes. 

One student went for the popular slapstick comedy skit of knocking his head against a pillar whilst another pretended to throw a chair at another person on camera. 

Another student fell back into a toilet, then picking up a loo roll to throw at the camera – despite the low supply during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Not only did the students nail their punches, but also perfected their hilarious reactions. 

They all realistically staggered backwards from being punched but one man took it to the next level by stumbling back and breaking a table when falling.

Halfway through the video, the cameraman jokingly stops the student to get him to put hand sanitiser on before letting him continue his punch.  

The slapstick comedy gets more elaborate at the video continues, with the students even using other people as ‘props’. 

Some of the students even start using props in the video, including mops, tables and even children

The students realistically react to the punches, which get more and more elaborate as the video continues

The coronavirus challenge lasts almost three minutes and needless to say the students deserve top marks for their incredible performance

Two students stage a perfect stunt as the man on screen pretends to get his head stuck in a t-shirt and then punches the woman coming out of the bathroom in a towel. 

One man even uses his young child as part of the challenge, picking her up so she kicks the camera to continue the chain. 

The students set their stuns everywhere from forests to bathrooms, adding even more to the comedy.

The video comes to a hysterical ending when the final student falls down the stairs and plays dead at the bottom. 

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