Live: London Bridge stabbing leaves multiple people injured

Stevie Beer, 26, works at a building overlooking London Bridge. She tells CNN she was alerted to a situation on the bridge by a colleague who was trapped behind a cordon after going out to grab lunch.

“A colleague out for lunch messaged to say there’d been an incident on London Bridge and he was unable to cross back over the river,” Beer says. “I went straight to the window and saw hundreds of people running off the bridge down Tooley Street.”

People looked so panicked. It was haunting. There were at least half a dozen police cars and halted buses. Our building is now on lockdown but we’ve not been given any concrete information,” she continued.

Beer said there were reports that nearby Borough Market was also being evacuated on Friday afternoon as well.

Britain’s PA news agency is reporting a cordon has been established around Borough Market while local shops are evacuated.