Largest ever Bob Dylan art collection to go on display this year

The largest collection of Bob Dylan’s artwork ever seen will go on display later this year in the U.S. 

“Retrospectrum” spans six decades of Dylan’s art, featuring more than 120 of the artist’s paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

Building on the original Retrospectrum exhibition that premiered in Shanghai, China, in 2019, the new version will include new, never-before-seen pieces and additional artworks from a brand-new series called American Pastoral. 

Debuting in Miami at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum on Nov. 30, 2021, Retrospectrum will run through April 17, 2022. So far, Miami is the only stop announced.

This picture provided and painted by Bob Dylan in 2019 in called Sunset, Monumet, Valley. (Bob Dylan/The Associated Press)

Much of Dylan’s work reflects his constant travels through the United States and a deep affinity for the American scene. This new series is no exception. 

One addition — One Too Many from 2020 — features a man slumped over a smoky bar counter at the end of a night, and another Subway Cityscape, also from 2020, showcase’s Dylan’s love of industrial urban city scenes.

The veteran singer and Nobel laureate who turns 80 this month has seen a growing appreciation for his art since his debut exhibition, The Drawn Blank Series, was unveiled in Germany in 2007.

The director of the Chemnitz Art Collections museum Ingrid Moessinger presents Bob Dylan’s watercolor painting Woman in Red Lion Pub (right) on Oct. 15, 2007 in Chemnitz, Germany. It was shown during the first-ever exhibition of Dylan’s paintings, at a three-month show called The Drawn Blank Series. (Uwe Meinhold/DDP/AFP/Getty Images)

His work has been shown in the National Portrait Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Denmark, the Palazzo Reale in Milan and the Shanghai exhibition at the Modern Art Museum, which was the most visited exhibition in the city in 2019. 

Alongside the journey through Dylan’s artistic landscape, the new exhibition will include curated immersive and interactive displays of his music and literary works adding context of this multi-faceted talent and his impact on popular culture spanning over half a century.