Kenosha shooting: 3 people killed and 2 injured after melee at the Somers House tavern

Gunfire broke out both inside and outside the The Somers House tavern around 12:40 a.m. Sunday, Sheriff David G. Beth said.
Investigators are asking for the public's help in finding the shooter or shooters who killed three people at The Somer's House tavern.

“It sounds like one person got removed from the establishment and possibly came back a short time later” and started shooting, Beth said.

It is not clear exactly why that person was removed, or whether there was one or more shooters, the sheriff said.

But whoever opened fire is still at large, Beth said. He asked anyone with information to contact authorities.

“We don’t believe this was a random act,” the sheriff said. “I don’t believe that the people in this area are in harm’s way because of the suspect still not being captured.”

About 100 officers from multiple agencies “are scouring the area trying to come up with any video footage and anything that can help us at the scene right now,” Beth said.

In 1 month, the US had at least 45 mass shootings
The United States has suffered at least 47 mass shootings since March 16, when eight people were killed at three Atlanta-area spas, according to CNN reporting and an analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), local media, and police reports.
The 47 include the Kenosha County shooting and a mass shooting Saturday evening in Columbus, Ohio, that left one person dead and five others injured, according to CNN affiliate WSYX.

CNN’s definition of a mass shooting is an event that has four victims who are either killed or wounded by gunfire (not including any shooter).