Kelly Rowland is trying to make it through the pandemic too

“He recently asked me were we going to be able to go some place really cool with snow,” Rowland told CNN. “So, I think I’m going to have to start fixing my mind on what are we going to do for his birthday.”

Family is everything to the singer, actress and reality singing competition judge. In addition to Titan, she and her husband Tim Weatherspoon also have a son, Noah, whom they welcomed in January.

Rowland said she has drawn strength from them during the pandemic.

“My support system has been my husband, my support system has been my sisters, my support system has been my she tribe,” she said. “When I have questions about balance. For me it’s the balance of it all, that’s always the ‘I’m losing my mind’ moment.”

Becoming a mother for a second time has not been easier, she said, and pandemic has been the most difficult on her oldest, Titan.

“He misses his friends, he missed school so much,” she said. “He’s such a social kid and loves to be in the classroom that when he was home it was a really rough time.”

Rowland said he’s better now that he’s back in school and they are trying to set up “bubble play dates” and travel safely to help ease some of the strain.

She’s been “getting right to the point” about the pandemic, understanding that he needs information to help process what’s happening.

Rowland said she’s also learning how to take care of herself better in the midst of all that’s going on as well.

“I think I’ve always understood the fact that something is always going to suffer and you just try not to let it suffer too much,” she said. “Because I love my husband, I love my babies and I want them to always feel seen and heard from me, but I need to make sure that I can always see and hear myself and what I need as well.”

“Because if I don’t do that, I’m going to be useless to them.”

Protecting her family is part of what led Rowland to partner with Life Happens for September’s Life Insurance Awareness Month to highlight the need for life insurance and estate planning.

“I feel like specifically within the Black community life insurance is rarely talked about,” she said. “Anything that has to do with financial awareness and saving and planning ahead is not really talked about.”

Rowland appeared in an ad to share her own journey with life insurance, she said, “to educate, to shut down and shut out fear” around the subject.