Kathy Griffin files for divorce from Randy Bick – just days before celebrating what would have been their four year wedding anniversary

Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her husband Randy Bick, just days before celebrating what would have been their four year wedding anniversary.

TMZ has reported that Kathy filed the divorce documents in Los Angeles County on Thursday.

She cited irreconcilable differences and stated in the documents she has a prenuptial agreement with Randy. She has asked the court to enforce the prenup.

As news of their split circulated online, Griffin issued a response on X, formerly Twitter, writing: ‘Well…sh*t. This sucks.’

The listed date of separation is December 22, less than two weeks before the couple would have celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. 

DailyMail.com has reached out to representatives for Griffin for comment. 

Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her husband Randy Bick, just days before celebrating their four year wedding anniversary

Griffin and Bick had a long road to the aisle, dating for seven years from 2011 until they briefly brought the curtain down on their romance in 2018. 

‘God help me, but I’m gonna be one of those people who announces a break up,’ she tweeted then. ‘It’s not acrimonious and I will always adore him.’ 

During their first seven-year stretch as a couple, Griffin saw her her career implode in early 2017 over a viral image of her holding a severed-head dummy of Donald Trump, who was then the newly inaugurated President Of The United States.

According to Griffin, the scandal also brought a bit of turbulence into Bick’s personal life, inasmuch as his family were supporters of the president.

‘My boyfriend, whom I live with and he’s my tour manager as well, you know, his family struggles with him now…they’re Trumpers,’ said Griffin.

She told Entertainment Tonight that she and Bick ‘took a little break’ for four months around the time of the Trump furor.

‘And now, we just came to the decision that, we’ve really been through so much together. We’ve now been together over eight years,’ she reflected in 2019.

‘Even though he’s 19 years younger, we both turned to each other and realized, this is the longest relationship for both of us, you know? We should fight for it and make it work. And you know, it was just one of those things where, it was a lot of pressure.’ 

After their brief split in 2018, they got back together in 2019 and were married by comedy icon Lily Tomlin on New Year’s Day 2020.

Two months later, Bick saw Griffin through another period of personal turmoil as her beloved mother Maggie died at the age of 99.

Over the years, Griffin and Bick’s relationship occasionally attracted mockery over the fact that he is nearly two decades her junior.

In 2016, she herself remarked to People magazine: ‘Well you know I didn’t think it would last [because] he’s 18 years younger than I am!’ 

Although she initially pegged the marketing executive as a ‘man-whore,’ assuming their one-night stand would not progress any further.

However she eventually discovered he was ‘a real guy’ rather than ‘a Hollywood guy,’ and a genuine connection developed between them.

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