Kanye West announces his 1st-ever opera, Nebuchadnezzar

Almost a month after the release of Kanye West’s gospel album, Jesus is King, the Chicago rapper has announced his next project: an opera. 

On Nov. 17, West took to Twitter to post what appears to be a gold-plated invite to the event, which is being held on Nov. 24 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 

The opera, West’s first ever, is called Nebuchadnezzar, named after the longest-reigning king of ancient Babylon (from 605 B.C. to 562 B.C.), who is featured heavily in the Bible’s Book of Daniel.

The production will be directed by Italian performance artist Vanessa Beecroft and will feature music by West’s Sunday Service gospel group, in addition to Peter Colins & Infinities Song.

West has talked about Nebuchadnezzar in the past, both during his 2013-2014 Yeezus tour and again recently in an interview with Zane Lowe, where West looked back at those years on the road.

This past weekend, West also paid a visit to Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch, where he delivered one of his Sunday Service performances.

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