Is it Easy To Kill Your Mouth Bacteria?

Your mouth is the home of numerous microbes. It can be bacteria, fungus, or any other microbes. Some bacteria help in the proper functioning of your metabolism, while other cause bad breath and tooth decay.

After consulting with your general dentist, you will find that getting rid of harmful bacteria is not so challenging as you think. It requires only a good oral hygiene routine and regular maintenance.

Let’s consult the expert, a dentist in Port Melbourne about how to fight those harmful bacteria and keep them away from your mouth.

Good and bad bacteria

Your mouth is the home of both good and bad bacteria. They are found in different places – on teeth, tongue, and some hide between your gum and teeth. Good bacteria help in digestion and protect your mouth against the harmful effect of the bad bacteria.

While your body’s immune system works its best to keep the harmful bacteria under control, you can also improve it by a healthy oral care routine. If you ignore your oral care routine, you will have to face many complicated dental issues like gum infection, tooth decay, bad breath and many more. In addition, it will disturb your overall health and also pocket.

What to keep away harmful bacteria from your mouth?

Three important things that prevent the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth are:

Brushing – A sticky film called plaque covers your tooth surface. The plaque is formed by a bacterial deposit that releases acid when you eat sugary food items. The acid weakens your teeth enamel and form cavities. Hence, it is essential to remove plaque to prevent dental cavities. For this, you require to brush your teeth two times daily and floss them once.

If you ignore brushing and flossing, the plaque deposit will become harder to form tartar. Tartar infects your gum and can result in gingivitis. Your dentist will recommend using fluoride toothpaste because fluoride makes your enamel stronger and resist bacterial attack.

Mouth Wash – You can accompany brushing and flossing with a mouth rinse to keep harmful bacterial activities under control. Mouthwashes reduce plaque formation and prevent tooth decay. Your dentist will prescribe the therapeutic mouthwash or cosmetic mouthwash – whichever is right for you to kill bad bacteria.

Healthy Diet – If you eat a more sugary diet, you unknowingly give more fuel to bad bacteria to grow and attack your teeth and gum. Hence, you will have to minimise the intake of sugary food and drinks to get rid of disease-causing bacteria.

Instead, you can consume food that contains good bacteria, including curd and other fermented food items, to keep the harmful bacteria in check. In addition, your diet should contain all essential nutrients for healthy gum, mouth and overall health.

Final Thought

Bacteria in your mouth remain busy with their activities. The best part is that many of these activities are essential for the functioning of a healthy mouth. However, if you take a healthy diet and maintain good oral hygiene, you can easily keep the bad bacteria under check.