Human remains found in suitcase bought in auction in South Auckland believed to be two children

Human remains found in a suitcase by a horrified family are believed to be the bodies of two young CHILDREN after they unwittingly bought the luggage in an abandoned storage unit sale

  • Human remains were found inside suitcases bought in a storage unit auction
  • Family from South Auckland made discovery when going through contents 
  • Police are investigating with reports remains belonged to two young children 

The bodies of two young children are believed to have been found inside suitcases that were bought inside an abandoned storage unit by an unsuspecting family.

A family from South Auckland bid in an auction on August 11 and won the unit’s contents before making the shocking discovery human remains were inside.

The remains are believed to be those of two children, The New Zealand Herald reported.

Police are yet to confirm the reports or how many bodies were found.

Forensic police remove a hire trailer used to cart back the storage unit’s contents (pictured) 

There is no suggestion the family who bought the items from the storage unit are involved in any way. 

A homicide investigation is ongoing. 

A trailer which carried the items including the suitcases also had ‘prams, toys, and a walker’ in the back, a neighbour of the property in Clendon Park told the publication. 

The family had bid on the contents of the storage locker online, a common practice for storage sheds with unpaid rent which has even turned into a popular US reality TV show, Storage Wars. 

Buyers are not allowed to rifle through the contents in depth before the auction and only when the family began looking through what they’d purchased back at their home did they make the chilling discovery. 

‘I feel sorry for the family because they’ve got nothing to do with it,’ one neighbour, Shelton Honana, told Newshub.  

Detectives and forensic teams swarmed the house of a family who unwittingly purchased the contents at an auction (pictured)

Detectives and forensic teams swarmed the house of a family who unwittingly purchased the contents at an auction (pictured)

‘Whoever did do it … front up. It’s a bit unfair, bro. It’s horrific, f***ing scary,’ he added.

Witnesses reported seeing three different hearses outside the house last Thursday night after authorities were called in by the shaken buyers. 

The large hire trailer used to transport the haul was also taken from the house by investigators.

Counselling is being offered to the family while a large blue tent was set up at the property.

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