How to Plan a Biblically Responsible Investment Strategy    

For some people, the cross-section of money and faith can be quite complicated. Thoughtful Christians face the dilemma of following bible verses about money when investing. Thankfully, investing according to the tenets of your faith has become much easier as, in many cases, it is neither risky nor less profitable.

According to his faith, a responsible Christian should be careful while paying attention to risk and returns in the hope of maintaining prudent diversification. When investing, consider Bible verses to ensure that the profits are not made from any sinful activities.

What is Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI)?

Biblically Responsible Investment is the practice of avoiding companies that violate the thoughts or verses from the Bible. According to the faith, no profit should be made from investing in anything that profits from immoral activities. The Ten Commandments provide a great summary of the moral law given by God.

How to do Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI)?

Screening Your Investments

Aligning your Christian values with your investment is not a difficult task. It starts by uncovering the deeper truth about the investments that you have made. Take a close look at stocks in your portfolio. These should cover mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Find out how the companies owning these stocks make money. Do these organizations use slave labor? Do these companies support abortion drugs or sell pornography?

You should also find out how these companies spend money. Even if the companies have isolated themselves from immoral practices, their management might support these unethical practices. Does the chief executive of the company donate to charity organizations? Do any companies promote agendas that do not align with the bible verses about money?

Investing in Companies that Align with Your faith

Once you have uncovered the stocks or your current investments based upon Biblical values, you can start investing in services or mutual funds that screen for objectionable companies.

Some mutual funds will screen stocks based on their faith, not necessarily yours, such as investing in environmentalism. Know the funds you are getting into before investing.

While some companies may not measure against your Christian morals, you will find some that believe in Biblically responsible mutual funds and ETFs.

After the identification of such funds, you can start building your portfolio. The process is the same as anytime you invest. The only difference is that now you are investing in companies that align with the values defined by God.

Select a Good Financial Advisor

Many financial advisors are new to the concept of Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI). If faith-based investing is something that you feel great about, take some time to find a professional advisor who can help you put together a Christian value-based portfolio that honors God and aligns with your values.

A Christian financial advisor will honor your convictions. These professionals have the resources to look into various stocks and determine which companies align with Biblical verses about money. They are well-trained and equipped with the tools of the faith and trade to build a Biblically responsible portfolio.

In the end, if your conscience feels free to invest in that stock, you should go ahead and invest in it. But if you feel that it is not right, then do not invest.