How to Perform A Quality Window Installation

Quality window installation is not a complicated job, as it could seem to you; anyway, it is necessary so it would be done by somebody who knows how to do it correctly. When you start with a window installation process, you should decide on a window type that fits you the most. There are many various types and materials available.

Basically, you can do the whole installation on your own; however, if the window is larger, you would need at least one or two other persons who could help you make some adjustments.

Useful Tips to Get Started

The first important step is to choose a brand new window with the right size. Measure the height and width of the opening at the three various spots so that you can be sure for one hundred percent. Even though there should not be any differences, it is not excluded that some little differences can appear. If so, then choose the smallest number you have measured, so a new window frame fits perfectly to the opening.

Now you have the right size, you know what type and material of the window you prefer and you can buy a new window.

Please keep in mind that the exact steps may vary based on which type of window you decided for. Let’s start the installation process.

Steps to Install A New Window

  • Clean the perimeter of the opening and make sure that there are no broken or damaged parts of the opening edges. If there are some broken parts, you should repair it so that the window could be attached correctly.
  • Apply a special butyl tape to the whole sill and even a few centimeters higher to the left and right side of the opening. It protects the window and the wall construction against ice and water. It is very important, so moisture stays outside of the house.
  • Place and attach wooden shims to the sill, which help you to install the window to the proper level. You can attach them by screws.
  • Apply a silicone caulk on the whole opening perimeter.
  • Place your new window to the opening and drive screws into predrilled holes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, so you keep the warranty.
  • Check it. At this moment it would not be so difficult to make some changes, later it would be much more difficult, so check the level of the window and its operation. You can use a laser or water level.
  • Apply a spray foam insulation to the gap between the window frame and opening edges. We recommend low expansion foam, which is highly recommended, especially for the windows.
  • You can use additional shims to support the frame of the window. When the foam hardens, it is usually about 20 minutes, you can cut off all parts of the shims and the foam, which are outside of the gap.
  • Now install exterior and interior trims. Trims can hide some defects on the walls or frame, so you do not have to be upset because of a few small mistakes.
  • Seal the edges with silicon. There are plenty of silicon types, so you can choose the proper color to make it look perfect.
  • As we stated before, specific steps may vary based on the window type you decided for. It means that details can be different, but the basis of the process is basically the same.

Final words

After the installation process, you can see that it is not so complicated as it might seem before. Now you can enjoy your new window and a new level of comfort.

Our goal is to offer you useful tips that can help you do the quality window installation properly. We are at the end of our step by step manual, and we believe that you found this article helpful.