How to Become More Motivated

Motivation, easily put, is an explanation to yourself why you should be doing what you’re doing.

Learning to play the piano? Making pumpkin carving?
Spend days playing online pokies at and trying to win a jackpot?
Studying Arduino to program microcontrollers?

These all are great goals and every great goal requires time, effort, and application of your desire to reach it. So, surely, having the motivation to do anything is crucial to succeeding in life! Let’s briefly think about how to become more positive and motivated.

The need for motivation

While most people on the planet can support their living by doing some routine job that doesn’t require motivation (or even high skills), to rise above the masses and make some changes to the people around you, you need to be motivated. This is crucial for effort-consuming jobs like project management, where all you do is overcoming obstacles to make something done. How to become more motivated is also a question of those who strive to learn some tough profession. Thanks to it, you move forward, solve problems, and cope with hardships.

Ways to stay motivated

Find a strong reason why you need the goal you’re striving to. Learn Chinese? Probably, because you want to have a 200K-paid profession in the future, in China. Studying for an engineer? Probably, you want to build a great power plant dam.

Find interest. If achieving some goal isn’t to your liking, you will soon hate & drop it. But what about thinking about how this is of interest to you? Learn knitting? Probably, because you want to excel your grandma who always told you would not be good in anything (anger and the desire to overcome someone are also great stimuli to move on and be interested!).

Build a track and keep with it. With a realistic and achievable resource-based plan, split into separate sub-goals, you can monitor the fulfillment, which will spur you up to reach the end!

Keep the momentum. Procrastination should become your worst enemy, as well as everything distracting you like smokos or social media news update checks.

Surround yourself with positive and same-tuned people to get more motivated That’s why group therapy is so effective!


Motivation is one of the costliest assets in a life of a modern person. If you start and end days with “I hate everything”, this won’t bring you to the goal. So learn more ways of how to become more self-motivated.