How should a marketing report look like?

If you’re a marketeer, you’ll need proper, hard numbers to back up your advancement and effectiveness. To prove it, you can use some obvious data, like sales, yet to understand everything for yourself, there’s a constant need for analyzing your expenditure and revenue. How and where to implement your budget, and which clients are worth turning your marketing and advertisement focus?

You’ll usually need to calculate and represent all the data in charts and graphs to rely on and base the strategy on your marketing reports’ proven information. It is the perfect communication tool for different company departments and the best way for marketing to prove its value. An article like can explain the importance and types of reports you need to make to succeed in the long run.

To track sales, expenses, and advertisement, companies need specific tools. Smaller enterprises usually use the likes of Excel. In comparison, larger enterprises prefer much more sophisticated solutions ready-made for the marketing and brass to have and analyze all the data in real-time. Yet one thing is sure – whatever your business is, gathering and cleaning your data to base your future strategies on is vital. We’re here to present you with various examples of researching and analyzing your sales.

The general definition of the marketing report

How should your report look like to communicate important data? Usually, it is a graph, table, or dashboard made with a single purpose – to collect the information about a certain period and use it to say something about your business.

How to categorize the reports?

The periods mentioned above are a simple way to differentiate between the reports. Usually, marketing reports are made yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or for some custom time, regarding the ad campaign’s full duration, for example. Obviously, reports covering shorter periods are more detailed, but each type is used differently and given to different people.

Each report usually follows the most important variable you aim to cover. By the way, you can combine different variables from your sales, ads, CRM, and trackers, compare everything and make the derivates you are required to make insights into your campaigns with OWOX BI – the useful pipeline to work with data you collected.

How does a report that covers a whole year should look like?

Annual reports combine all the general data to communicate your performance to the company’s brass. They are made to compare your efforts to the company’s strategy and budget. Use the dashboard to visualize your successes and get-behinds.

What about the monthly report?

Since yearly reports cover the key information and large numbers, and weekly reports (which we’ll talk about in detail later) are used in the day-to-day operation to determine your approach’s effectiveness, monthly reports fall somewhere in the middle and help to ensure your chosen strategy is correct. Should you change something in the first week of the month, you can make conclusions about it in a few week’s time. Compare it with the general plan to deem the approach effective or follow a different way.

Details on Weekly Reports

Analyzing your and your team’s weekly efforts allow you to track the performance in the short run and increase it with hands-on adjustments. Compare week-to-week decisions as they turn into monthly results! Weekly reports cover fewer zones and channels, but with the select ones, do so in great detail – like from a particular Analytics dataset. OWOX’s own report generating system called AskGA allows you to take every metric you need to analyze, or all of them, to develop a convenient visualization in a few seconds and make conclusions based on it.

Daily reports – the useful observations

Of course, you can’t make any strategic conclusions based on the daily report. But the most significant importance comes from the ability to compare day-to-day operations and observe the immediate results your efforts provide. A significant change between the adjacent daily reports may be the indication of something more important! Compare and check the dynamic in the actual numbers each day to gain an insight into marketing effectiveness.

A small recap

As you see, each type of marketing report has its unique functions. Do not leave it for later and complete everything on time! Reporting to the management is just as important as understanding your performance on a monthly or weekly basis. And with OWOX BI, you can generate and visualize your reports in a clear and useful fashion.