For a new organization or club experiencing specific changes, revamping or introducing membership cards can greatly affect your business. Let’s examine the definition of membership cards, how they affect your organization, their benefits to your organization, and ways to get the most out of your membership card program.

What Are Membership Cards?

Membership cards are just like ID cards. They are given to persons who have registered or agreed to become members of an organization or club. Membership cards are also very similar to loyalty cards from large firms. They consist of several benefits exclusive to the cardholders.

Membership cards are similar in size to gift and credit cards. They are mainly made of plastic, making it easier for members to hold at all times. Smaller designs are attached to key tags – Ideal for the grocery store, health clubs, and gyms. Membership cards usually have the same details: membership ID, membership type, organization name, and member name.

How to Boost Your Business with Membership Cards

As customers, we know the benefits that come with having loyalty or membership cards. We become privy to exclusive members-only events, promotions, and discounts. But do membership cards help businesses grow?

Below are the best ways membership card schemes can positively affect organizations and clubs.

It helps members feel they belong to your organization

Having a membership card gives you a feeling that you belong to an organization and are not just a number. You’ll realize that you are a vital part of a group, organization, or club with purpose and meaning.

Your members think about the organization anytime they see their membership card on their keys or in their purse. If your organization rarely meets, you must design a membership card to serve as an excellent reminder to your members.

It gives a sense of belonging to your members, and they will strive to know recent happenings at the organization, check for discounts and offers and become involved in activities and events.

Maintain security and exclusivity

If you operate a members-only space, spa, or health club, you will need a level of adequate control over those who can have access to it. For instance, the VIP lounge loses its prestige when it isn’t monitored and open to everyone.

Thus, a membership card can serve as an identity card. With this card, your member will get access to the most exclusive areas. It also keeps the restricted areas secure and clear of unsolicited or unwanted guests. You can add photographs to the cards. This helps your staff in identifying the right people and giving them access.

Encourages repeat loyalty and business

Your membership card does not only give a feel of belonging; it can also promote improved attendance and extra visits. Your card combined with member-only discounts and special offers can bring about repeat patronage from customers who had previously visited or purchased an item from you.

Promote your organization, club, or business

Membership cards can serve as a means of advertisement when used. This is a great opportunity to market your organization and club to new customers who may know nothing about your business.

Take, for instance, annual membership. If any of your members access a location with his card, people around may become curious to know more about the membership. It can turn an outsider into a top-quality lead.

One other way of increasing your visibility is by providing tags and transforming your membership cards to identity badges for event attendees.

In conclusion, membership card schemes connect you with your members. It is one of the best ways to increase revenue, affinity, loyalty, and repeated visits to your organization or club.