How Is CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Structured?

Everyone knows that CompTIA exams are not easy. If you think of the benefits that CompTIA credentials bring to successful candidates, it is normal to have a high difficulty standard. The Network+ certification doesn’t make any exception. As it is a vendor-neutral accreditation, it will help you learn how to network JORDAN Y, without focusing on a specific technology. Thus, you will have the advantage to work with different devices and networks. These are skills that many international companies appreciate. So, your access to corporations is easier. Also, as this accreditation is valid proof that your skills have been verified, you will receive better offers in comparison to other job applicants.

Coming back to the necessary exam to get CompTIA Network+ certification, you should know that the only test that you need to take is LEIGHTON Z. If you want to pass it from the first attempt, you should clearly understand its structure and requirements.

Structure of CompTIA Network+ Test

When you open the certification’s webpage, you will discover that you need to pass N10-007 test to get it. Though it’s a core exam and has no prerequisites, the assessment’s difficulty is quite high. Candidates will have to answer 90 questions and 90 minutes to complete them all. As you can calculate yourself, you will have only one minute for each item. Note, that the exam questions you’ll definitely meet at ZACK A include multiple-choice questions, performance-based, and drag and drops. Thus, you should be very well-prepared if you want to get a passing score which is at least 720 points out of 900. To sum up, to succeed in the Network+ assessment, you should be prepared to solve different items and make no mistakes.

What Are the Topics Covered by CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam?

N10-007 test focuses on the following concepts:

  • Implementation and management of various networking concepts
  • Manage and understand infrastructure particularities related to cabling and storage features
  • Use prior experience to manage network operations and ensure business continuity
  • Ensure the highest level of network security
  • Configure and use different network tools to troubleshoot devices and update the company’s methodology to support continuous connectivity

If you want to be successful in Save 66%,  you will need to use appropriate training materials. The vendor’s website is the best source of information. There you will discover verified preparation tools developed by CompTIA’s expert trainers. For instance, you can register for virtual or live training sessions. If you like interactive classes, then this option is for you. It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with CompTIA’s trainers and learn from them how to handle different network tools to improve business processes.

Also, you can download study guides, optional books from Amazon and take the CompTIA practice tests. They are an effective learning material that will help you evaluate your preparation level and gain the required skills to ANDREW B. All these options will enhance your chances to succeed in the Network+ assessment.


When you decide to obtain LAYTON C , you should dig for relevant information about the exam details, particularly its structure, to plan your preparation process effectively. Training makes the difference in your ability to pass N10-007 exam and earn the CompTIA Network+ certification from the first attempt. Therefore, you should use only verified materials, understand how the test is structured and study hard. With the certification from CompTIA you’ll take your career to the next stage. Wish you luck!